Uses for New and Used Step Vans

To begin, let's discover where the term "step van" originated and explore uses for new and used step vans within our industries. According to, the step van term originated from the ease of a delivery man being able to step-up into one by means of the low van steps built under the doors, while being able to stand up-right. The step van base has become a standard truck type widely used by delivery service providers, courier companies, and specifically ISP independent contractors. The ability to easily drive around and enter/exit the step van while making deliveries is an appealing feature of the step vans for delivery drivers.

Let's discuss some uses for new and used step vans in today's market

Step vans began to become recognized with the food truck circuit. Numerous reasons attracted buyers to this solution for your custom food truck needs, including: 

  • Trendy, aesthetically appealing look
  • High roofs for extra space
  • Physically reach customers from the serving window
  • Ability to travel to the festivals/events/tours
  • Creating a mobile business that requires less money than a brick and mortar

In addition, step vans were introduced into the military and healthcare segment to provide a solution to their end users. The military has executed the use of step vans for delivering supplies, food, transporting materials, etc. The healthcare industry utilizes step vans for a variety of their mobile outreach objectives, including mobile mammography, mobiuses for new and used step vansle exam, mobile dental offices, insurance enrollment and education.

MAG Trucks has one of the largest networks of new and used step vans in the nation. From inventory that ranges in years, mileages and programs to meet the needs of our customers' demands. Fabrication is onsite in our 50,000 sq. ft facility under our sister company, APEX Specialty Vehicles. Our vast array of custom food trucks and trailers, marketing and retail trucks, and mobile offices were all built by APEX.