Financing Independent Service Provider (ISP) Step Vans


MAG Trucks understands the costs (both direct and indirect) that contribute to a step van that is out of service. We listened to our customers needs and one of the top concerns is reducing the amount of downtime of buying and receiving a new or used step van.  As the leading dealer in step vans, we offer tips on financing ISP step vans that will help secure financing quicker, while ultimately gets you back on the road and generating cash flow. The obvious is true, but should be stated: your credit approval depFinancing FedEx Step Vansends on several factors.

MAG Trucks has options in place for financing ISP Step Vans with our partner at Arvest Equipment Finance, which offers competitive rates with quick approval - 24 hours or less. One of the main reasons our customers become lifelong customers is our ability to complete the entire transaction - from a wide selection of step vans, to speedy approval process, and finally delivery. Mag offers all of that under one roof in Kansas City, MO.

Basics on Financing ISP Step Vans

Let's focus on ISP independent contractors for approved routes. Our used step vans have been upfitted to meet ISP standards, with ISP shelving, equipment, and decals. Our credit application specific for ISP contractors is available on our website and can be completed to get a jump-start on the process.

We sat down with the CFO of Sapphire Capital, Marvin Davis, and reviewed a list of important items to have ready when seeking financing for your new or used step van.  The below tips on financing step vans are specific for FedEx independent contractors.  Get started by clicking on the image to the right.

  1. ISP info available
  2. Terminal info
  3. 2+ years in business
  4. Truck/Equipment Information


In January 2017, the MAG Trucks and Arvest Equipment Finance team launched a 5.99% interest rate with approved credit. Are you ready to take advantage of this low rate?