Importance of ISP Truck Warranties

Importance of ISP Truck Warranties

ISP trucks need to be on the road, performing their tasks efficiently and effectively. The one factor that can completely skew that task is a faulty ISP truck. Let's explore the importance of ISP Truck Warranties and how independent contractors can ensure they are receiving the correct information. Where to Buy a Step Van

Importance of ISP Truck Warranties

Independent contractors need all of their route trucks to be in service at all times. If something does arise, it's important that your truck dealer is responsive and has a plan in place to offer a solution to minimize your downtime. MAG Trucks has provided new step vans to Independent contractors for over ten years, and is confident in our process of reducing your downtime, and getting contractors back to what they do best - operating, managing, and supporting their routes and drivers. Below is a comprehensive list of warranty contacts for new step vans. When in doubt, call MAG Trucks' support team and we'll assist you quickly.


utilimaster step vans



Download the 5-Year Utilmaster Warranty

Utilimaster Warranty Contact:
Terry Slagle: 574-848-2103,

Technical Assistance:
Vern Chupp 574-848-2106 - 6:30 AM-3:00 PM
Tim Posey 574-848-2109 - 9:00 AM-6:00 PM

Parts Contact:
Thomas Layman – 800-237-7806


Download the Freightliner Warranty

Dedicated toll-free number for customers: 800-FTL-HELP (800-385-4357)
Available 24/7/365 factory direct support


Download the Ford Warranty

Ford F59 Customer Assistance: 800-444-3311
Ford Fleet Customer Assistance: 800-34-FLEET, #3

Ford Roadside Assistance - 800-241-3673

Ford ESP PowertrainCARE


MAG Trucks' customers can expect exceptional customer service, responsiveness, and a simple truck buying process. Give us a call to get started! 888.503.7481