New ISP Trucks for Sale

New ISP Trucks for Sale

For ten years, MAG Trucks has provided Independent contractors with the largest selection of new and used step vans, in the quickest delivery and turnaround time. In 2017, MAG Trucks launched an even larger selection of new trucks available to Independent contractors - both Ford & Freightliners. Let's take a look at the selection and see the highlights of each style of truck.

MAG Trucks announced the largest selection of new ISP Trucks for sale

We have Freightliner MT55's available in the following models, all of which meet ISP standards and ready to join your Independent Contractor route.New FedEx Trucks for Sale

2017 Freightliner 18-ft: P1000
2017 Freightliner 20-ft: P1200
2017 Freightliner 22-ft: P1200


Ford brand new step vans are also available in the following models:

2015 Ford E350 12-ft: P500New FedEx Trucks for Sale
2016 Ford E450 14-ft: P700
2017 Ford E450 14-ft: P700
2017 Ford F59 18-ft: P1000
2017 Ford F59 20-ft: P1100
2017 Ford F59 22-ft: P1200


Why Choose MAG when looking at New ISP Trucks for Sale?

- Our trucks are on the ground, ready to be delivered nationwide within 7-14 DAYS!

- Finance rates starting as low as 5.99% (approval notification within 1 business day) - start your credit application now!

- Lowest prices for ISP trucks

- New management focusing on exceptional customer service and quick turnaround times


Are you ready to explore our new step vans? Check out our new truck inventory now!