How to Modify a Step Van for ISP Contractors

How to Modify a Step Van for ISP Contractors

As the largest supplier of new and used step vans in the United States, it’s important to understand How to Modify a Step Van for ISP Contractors. MAG will take you through our manufacturing and fulfillment process so you can take a look at how each truck is ISP-certified.

How to Modify a Step Van for ISP Contractors
How to Modify a Step Van for a FedEx Truck

First, the process begins with the procurement process of the step vans. We buy fleets of used step vans from verified off lease programs. The use of the trucks in their previous lifetime ranges from linen and medical delivery trucks, to beverage trucks. With our vast knowledge and extensive experience in the used delivery truck industry, MAG Trucks has the expertise needed when purchasing step van fleets. We are able to get the trucks in large quantities, driving our cost down, consequently passing those savings onto independent contractors.

Second, every unit goes through the same mechanical inspection process when MAG Trucks modifies used step vans. The process is standard and as follows:

  • Once delivered, all used step vans will be checked in by one of our trained and licensed production team members
  • All step vans have a road drive test performed.
  • All step vans undergo a 120-pt mechanical inspection by our full-time onsite mechanic.
  • The units are plugged into the computer for diagnosis.
  • Based on the issues that arise, the step vans are not only repaired back mechanically to DOT standards, but also upfitted to meet ISP regulations and standards.



The 3rd Step on How to Modify a Step Van for an ISP Contractor

Third, as we continue to explain how MAG Trucks modifies Used ISP Contractors, it’s important to understand the stringency of ISP guidelines for used step vans. MAG modifies our trucks to the ISP standards, ensuring contractors are ready to hit the road without any issues once they purchase the truck. Every truck leaves the manufacturing floor with a custom white paint job, and approved decals. We stand behind our product and warranty.



Every truck that is outfitted in our shop will receive the following:

  • Gets the current paint blasted off and repainted
  • Two rows of brand new shelving installed
  • Brand new full color back up camera
  • New fire extinguisher
  • New safety triangles
  • Jump seat
  • Sliding locking bulk head
  • Install your decals (optional)




Fourth, MAG Trucks understands that contractors have tight schedules, which allow for little to no downtime, especially during the peak season. MAG offers a nationwide delivery service for your convenience. Our fully insured professional staff of drivers can deliver your step vans to you nationwide within days of your purchase.

Have you heard enough and want to see what we have in inventory? Check out our used step van inventory. But wait, are you not interested in used and are looking for new step vans? Don’t worry we have all the new step vans you need as well on our website.