New Trends in Step Vans

New Trends in Step Vans

Step vans are not solely limited to use for ISP businesses, linen companies, contractors or delivery services, as many new trends in step vans have risen. We have one in particular that we'd like to bring to your attention...Food Trucks. New Trends in Step Vans

New Trends in Step Vans to Pay Attention To...

OK, folks let’s chat for a second, as we can agree that there is a lot going on in the world today. As the cost of living is becoming higher and higher, many people are moving into areas known as food deserts, where it is nearly impossible to find anything other than unhealthy fast food options. Food deserts are known for the absence of grocery stores, farmer markets, but are surrounded by high fat and high sugar junk food and fast food options. With these unhealthy foods being the prominent option in these areas, it is no wonder that food trucks are a growing niche, and becoming more popular and versatile. The mobility of a food truck is important in these areas specifically because healthy food options are needed, as people simply cannot spend hours traveling via public transit for access to healthier options.
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Step vans, the truck that food trucks originally are created from, are also a great option for grocery stores to make deliveries in, which again allows for the healthy food to come to those who need it. Another reason step vans are growing in sales, is the fact that running a food truck requires less overhead than a traditional restaurant. 
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Not all step vans are created equal when it comes to purchasing one and upfitting yourself, or having a custom food truck fabricator, build out your food truck. The step van purchase is an initial upfront investment, and MAG Trucks has the largest selection of new and used step vans to meet your price point. Check out the inventory here.

Food Deserts Draw Attention to New Trends in Step Vans

Once the step van is secured, the interior build out, permits, licensing, and standard equipment and food startup costs are considered, which are standard for conducting business. However, once the cost of the truck and build-out are paid for, the monthly cost to operate the food truck decreases drastically. It is important to understand geographically the best location to operate your business, which are typically synonymous with food deserts in highly populous areas with a need for fresh produce, veggies, and variety.New Trends in Step Vans

With the growth of food deserts across the US, an increase in the purchase of step vans for grocers and farmers has been documented. This accounts for the transportation of fresh produce to the areas where getting healthy produce is needed the most. This option of converting a step van into a grocer delivery truck will cost significantly less than converting the step van into to a fully custom food truck, because all that is being installed is shelving. Shelving typically comes with the cost of the truck, so there is no excess cost to it, unlike a food truck. This allows for an extremely low overhead. If a grocer has a standard business practice to charge a small fee for the delivery service, and you're reaching a much wider audience than your brick and mortar customers, then the payoff rate of the step van will be much quicker. 

Another idea to combat the ever-growing food desert and take advantage of this growing niche, is to create a mobile grocery store. With a mobile grocery store, the key factors to consider within the build out process is the flow of the step van, storage, and food preparation spacing. Think about how customers are going to get in and out of the mobile grocery store... will it be set up like a standard food truck, or just a window to pick up your pre-purchased groceries. For storage purposes,  it is important to consider how the product will stay secured on the shelf. MAG Trucks does have the capability to upfit custom shelving within our in-house manufacturing facility. 

The use of step vans has evolved over the decades, and MAG Trucks is committed to offer the highest level of customer service, selection, pricing, financing, and delivery to encompass an all-in-one transaction. Read more about the History of Step Vans.