5 Tips for ISP Ground Contractors

5 Tips for ISP Ground Contractors

As an ISP contractor, you have options when it comes to buying step vans, and this article provides 5 Tips for ISP Ground Contractors! 

5 Tips for ISP Contractors

ISP contractors make money when their fleet of trucks are efficiently and effectively completing the deliveries. MAG Trucks aims to make truck buying easy for contractors. Let's explore these 5 Tips for ISP Contractors: 

Tip #1: Visit the dealers’ website. Is all of the inventory listed on the website? Is the site easy to navigate? Does the website offer helpful information?

We can only speak on behalf of MAG Trucks, but we take pride in continually improving our website to ensure the user has a positive, and easy experience navigating within the site. We understand that contractors are operating every aspect of their business, so they have very limited schedules. We aim to make the truck buying process easy and respectful of ones’ time.

Tip #2: Is an inspection completed on every used truck? Not all used ISP trucks are created equal. Many upfitters do not perform the proper inspections to detect issues that can cause downtime and be frustrating for the contractors and drivers. At MAG Trucks, we have an in-house inspection team that conducts mechanical inspections and ensures the used trucks are fit for ISP routes. Each one of our trucks receives a Certified Mechanical Inspection upon arriving at MAG Trucks. 

Tip #3: Is the step van ISP-ready? Does the truck have a jump seat? Backup camera? Proper decals? Custom White Paint Job? Approved Shelving? These are critical questions to ask your dealer, so you aren’t stuck at the end of your transaction with additional costs to bring your truck up to ISP standards. MAG Trucks can certainly answer any specific questions to get you ready for your route! 

Let's continue with #4 & #5 of the 5 Tips for ISP Contractors

Tip #4: Visit the dealers’ facility. Located just outside of Kansas City, Missouri, MAG Trucks has an open door policy. We welcome anyone to stop by and tour our 50,000 sq. ft facility and watch our team in action. Each week, our crew finishes several refurbished step vans, which head out to a Independent contractors route. From a custom paint job and decals to customizing the shelving components, all of MAG Trucks’ used step van fabrication is completed in-house. 

Tip #5: Understand the warranty and service locations. Do you have to take your ISP Truck back to the dealer for your warranty work? Do you have a limited list of those that can perform the warranty work? What is included? What is excluded in the warranty?  Check out this related article, Importance of ISP Truck Warrantiesfor some insight on warranties. MAG Trucks is centrally located outside of Kansas City, Missouri, but delivers to contractors all across the country. We can deliver your truck directly to you within 7-14 days. 

If you’re interested in What to Look For When Buying Step Vans, check out this recent article from MAG Trucks, or give our experienced team a call and we can answer any questions you may have. 888.503.7481