MT45 and MT55 Step Van Comparison

MT45 and MT55 Step Van Comparison

As a step van dealer to Independent Service Provider contractors, MAG Trucks answering some of our clients' questions in this MT45 and MT55 Step Van Comparison. From gas to diesel and step van to a box truck, so many factors go into buying the best step van for your Independent Contractor route. Let's explore one of the big differences that factor into the price of the step vans: MT45 and MT55 Step Van Comparison.

MT45 and MT55 Step Van Comparison


Difference #1: Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR)

  • The MT45 increased their GVWR to 14,140 - 19,000 pounds.
  • The MT55 is a heavy-duty vehicle that has a gross vehicle weight rating of between 20,000 - 30,000 pounds.

Difference #2: Payload Capacity

  • The MT45 medium-duty step van has a payload capacity up to 10,000 pounds, which makes this a prime solution for freight delivery, Independent Contractor routes, local transport, service delivery, parcel delivery, and food trucks.
  • The MT55 offers a payload capacity of up to 19,000 pounds, making it a suitable choice for larger payload applications, like delivery and service contractor trucks.

Difference #3: Volume

  • The MT45 can accept bodies of up to 22ft in length, and accept volumes of up to 1,150 cubic feet. The MT55 can accept freight up to 1,500 cubic feet.
  • The medium-duty MT-45 and heavy-duty MT-55 are both designed to deliver increased productivity and efficiency in your daily operations and have proven to be great solutions for Independent contractors.

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MT45 and MT55 Step Van Comparison