Popular Uses for Step Vans

Popular Uses for Step Vans

Step vans can be used for a variety of applications, so let's take a look at some of the most Popular Uses for Step Vans. At MAG Trucks,  new and used step vans are stocked on our lot, ready for nationwide delivery. Our customers range fromISP contractors, delivery services, linen companies, food truck builders, or even construction contractors. They all want the same thing... a reliable, mechanically-sound step van. In previous blog posts, different ways MAG can transform step vans to meet various business needs was outlined. However, the two most popular ways to convert a step van are for parcel delivery trucks and food trucks.

To make a step van, box truck, cargo van, usable for all parcel delivery companies, there are three steps to follow. The first step is to begin the refurbishment process for the vehicle, specifically for used step vans. MAG Trucks has onsite mechanics that perform a mechanical inspection, computer diagnostic and road test; all before the truck even begins the reconditioning process. This is done to ensure the truck is suitable for our customers. If any issues were found during that inspection, MAG will address the issues and bring the truck to a mechanically-sound state, while beginning the transformation into an Independent Service Provider truck, food truck spec, or any other custom modifications needed to reach the customers' needs.



Let's explore the second on the list of Popular Uses for Step Vans. The second most popular conversion of a step van is for food truck builders. Popular Uses for Step VansThese step vans go through the same mechanical check, computer diagnostic and road test. All issues get fixed, then it gets cleaned out. When it gets cleaned out, we take out all the old equipment. Then we buff, getting rid of any flaws, the outside and put a new coat of white paint giving the used truck a fresh look. It makes it easier for the food truck manufacturers/builders to construct the kitchen, serving window and other things that come with creating a food truck.

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If you are considering a step van for your business, then take the time to go through these articles. They are full of helpful information. Are you ready to view MAG's inventory of both new & used step vans? Get started today! www.magtrucks.com