Why a Refurbished Truck is the Right Move

Why a Refurbished Truck is the Right Move

At MAG Trucks, we specialize in transforming plain, worn-down trucks into step vans that are ISP ready. MAG Trucks is well known throughout the industry for our quality truck refurbishment process.

Why is a detailed refurbished truck the right move? It saves you money and never sacrifices quality or compliance standards.

Refurbished trucks that meet ISP standards

Saving money and purchasing an ISP refurbished truck is simple. At all times, MAG Trucks has 40+ refurbished trucks on-site - in all shapes and sizes, ready for purchase. Every ISP-ready refurbished truck leaves the manufacturing floor with a custom white paint job and approved decals. MAG has sold over 1,000+ Independent Service Provider ready trucks in the past ten years.  At MAG, we guarantee our trucks are modeled to perfection.

We'll take you step by step through our refurbishment process to show you how it's done.



Step one: the buying process

Our trucks are sourced from verified off-lease programs. In their previous lives, our refurbished trucks were operating in a variety of delivery industries. The trucks we buy are supplied in bulk to cut costs for you in the long run.

Step two: certified check-In

Once our trucks are delivered, they are examined by our trained professionals and experts in the industry. All of our trucks go through the processes below to guarantee they are refurbished to industry standards.

  1. Road driving test.
  2. Mechanical inspection by on-site, certified mechanics.
  3. Thoroughly analyzed with the latest technology.
  4. Repaired to exceed DOT standards.
  5. Repaired to exceed Independent Service Provider regulations.

Step three: finishing touches

It is important to our company that our trucks comply with industry standards. The trucks will not only be mechanically refurbished, but also will be aesthetically pleasing. They are given a fresh, white paint job by our on-site paint crew. Each truck will glisten on the road and shine to perfection.

In our 50,000 square foot facility, all steps are done in-house. Each truck will receive the following:

  1. ISP shelving.
  2. Brand new fire extinguishers and safety triangles.
  3. New industrial enamel exterior white paint.
  4. Brand new full color back up camera.
  5. Jump seating up to industry standards.
  6. Sliding locking bulkhead.
  7. Installed decals are optional.
  8. An on-site mechanic will bring all units to proper PM levels.

Step four: delivery

We want your truck purchasing process to run as efficiently as possible. After confirmation of purchase, our certified staff can deliver the truck to you within 7-14 days. You heard right  – no matter where you're located in the country MAG's professional driving staff will deliver your truck precisely on time.

If any issues do arise, we offer a warranty on all refurbished trucks. Your purchase is guaranteed.

Mag Trucks make truck buying simple, efficient, and affordable. View our inventory to see for yourself.


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