New vs. Used Step Vans

Step vans are extremely versatile vehicles. They can be transformed into mobile restaurants, stores, utility trucks, and much more. Once you decided on developing a mobile business you need to decide if you want a new or used vehicle. There are advantages and disadvantages to both options--- but which is right for you?


New Step Vans:


  • Warranty
    • New step vans usually have a great warranty. At MAG Trucks all new trucks include the manufacturing warranty or our own extended warranty.
  • No Maintenance History
    • Nobody has owned your step van before you, so there should be no maintenance issues with it.
  • Extremely Low Mileage
    • New step vans only have the miles from driving it from the original factory. The rest of the miles will be put on the truck by you.


  • Higher cost
    • A new step van will cost you more than a used step van.

Used Step Vans:


  • Lower cost
    • A used step van will cost less than a new step van, but there will be some wear and tear on the truck. MAG Trucks aims to make all used vehicles as good as new though!
  • Better chance of finance approval
    • Used step vans are cheaper than new, which means that the likelihood of you getting a better vehicle loan is greater.


  • Has a Maintenance History
    • When shopping for a used step van look over the maintenance report closely. A used step van with tons of miles may not be the best choice for a mobile business. You don’t want to put tons of money into an extremely old truck and have it break down once you have done all the physical maintenance. Ensure you are purchasing your used step van from a credible and reliable dealer. MAG Trucks DOT certifies all used trucks before selling them to their customers.
  • No Factory Warranty
    • Used step van typically do not come with the manufacturer warranty, but there are third party warranties that can be included or purchased in addition to the step van. MAG Trucks offers a 6 month or 6,000-mile warranty with all used trucks!

With this list take the time to think about what you are wanting in your step van. It is important to understand everything about the step van you are purchasing before you make the commitment. Make sure to talk to your dealer about all of your questions and what options you have for the truck you need!

Look at a sneak peek of our upfitting process to used trucks!