Roll-up Doors vs. Swing Doors

Step vans are one of the most versatile vehicles that exist. Step vans can be customized for what you need. You have the choice between gas or diesel, shelving, and roll-up doors or swing doors. In previous blogs we have discussed gas vs. diesel--- if you missed it, click here to read it! Roll-up doors and swing doors are different, and both have pros and cons.

The back door of a step van can either be a roll-up door or a swing door.Ā  MAG Trucks easily switches out the door based on what you need for your fleet. Commonly trucks that are ISP-Ready have a roll-up rear door. Roll-up doors can be quickly opened for fast delivery advantages. They also reduce the amount of space needed when the doors are open. Also, roll-up doors do not get in the way of loading and unloading making many stops easier and faster.

A step van can be converted to a food truck, which has different needs than a ISP delivery truck. A food truck is commonly insulated, and swing doors are much better for insulation. A roll-up door would not be air-tight and therefore not as beneficial for the food truck. A swing door also has better interior protection. If you are commonly driving on rural roads with a lot of dust and gravel the good insulation in swing doors prevents any damage to the items in the cargo area. Another benefit to a swing door is that it is quieter than a roll-up door, because of the tight fit of a swing truck.


What type of rear door you decide to get on your step van depends on your needs. Before purchasing your next truck, be sure to think about what you need the step van for before deciding on your rear door style.