Frequently Asked Questions about Step Vans

All step vans aren’t the same--- keep that in mind when you are purchasing your next truck. MAG Trucks has a great sales team that can assist you with any questions you have about the truck you are searching for. Common questions we get asked are which size is best for their needs, do they need air conditioning in the truck, and a few other questions we will discuss in this blog.

What size of step van do I need?

Our most common size of truck is 14-22 ft. step vans. Knowing what size of step van you will need doesn’t just depend on what you will be doing with the truck, although that is a big factor, it also depends on where you will be using the truck at. If you are commonly running routes in the city you probably don’t want a huge truck. Having a truck that is 14-16 ft. will be easier to maneuver in traffic through the city. Not only will be it be easier to drive in the city, you will most likely be running shorter routes which means you don’t need as much cargo space in your step van. If you aren’t driving in the city and you are traveling longer distances with your truck you will probably want to consider 18-22 ft. step van. It will allow you more cargo space for your delivery needs.

What do I need in my step van?

Previously we wrote a blog about all of the add-ons available to make your step van the most efficient for your fleet. Read it here and discover what you should consider adding to your trucks.

Is the truck ISP-Ready?


First you need to know that ISP means Independent Service Provider. This means your truck must meet certain requirements to deliver for your company. The truck must have approved shelving, a roll-up rear door, a bulkhead with a sliding door that locks, a jump seat, a safety kit, and a rear camera. MAG Trucks can easily make your truck ISP-Ready, and we have many trucks that are already ISP-Ready that can be delivered nationwide in 7-14 days to be used in your fleet.

Is the truck DOT inspected?

All trucks at MAG Trucks are DOT certified for you. Being DOT certified means that there are no mechanical safety issues with your truck. We make sure that we fix anything that is preventing the step van from being DOT certified before we sell the truck and we certify the truck through our shop.

This is a Food Spec Step Van

Is the truck ready for a food build?

We have ISP-ready trucks and Food Spec trucks. We have gone over what a ISP-Ready truck is, but there is another option if you are not planning to do delivers with your step van. A Food Spec step van has rear swing doors, no shelving, and the passenger side door is a sedan door (meaning it opens with hinges, it does not slide open and closed). If you are anticipating using your truck as a food truck, you will want this option of a step van.

What will I need for my linen truck?

All our trucks can be made for the linen industry. From hanger rods to rail-gate lifts and bins for bulk storage, we can get your truck ready for your linen needs.

Of course, every person has different needs for their trucks, but these are some of the most popular questions we get at MAG Trucks. If you have any other questions read some of our other blogs or give us a call and talk to one of our experienced sale representatives.