Peak-Season Is Around the Corner

Peak-Season Is Around the Corner
The need for delivery services will be increasing soon. The holidays are close, which means fleets will need more trucks to get deliveries out on time. Do you know what you need to do to be ready for the peak-season? MAG Trucks wants to help you be the best fleet you can be.


  1. Now is the time to buy more routes. Buying routes in residential areas during the holiday season will optimize your fleet. Make sure you look into new routes to help you become a more developed fleet.
  2. Start buying your step vans now to be ready when peak-season hits. It will take time to get your truck ready to go and you don't want to be in peak-season without enough trucks. The kind of step van to buy depends on a few factors. Read our Frequently Asked Questions blog or any of our previous blogs to get an idea of the trucks you need.You'll need to consider length, gas or diesel, and a few other factors depending on your specific needs.
  3. Always be prepared, especially during peak-season. Have a backup step van to be able to pick up the slack if any other step van breaks down during the peak delivery season. Also, when buying any new or used step vans make sure you know the warranty and keep a good relationship with your dealer. MAG Trucks offers a 6 month/6,000 mile warranty on all used units.

The peak-season can be stressful, but it is a great time for fleets. If you have any questions on what you need to do to be completely prepared, call one of our sale representative and they will be happy to help you.