Four Uses for a Step Van

Step Vans are versatile vehicles. They have always been useful in delivery, but the recently have gotten more popular with the popularity of food trucks growing. Step vans have enough room for people to stand, unlike traditional vans, which is great for delivery, tools, food trucks, and any other use you have for it. Here are four popular uses for step vans

1. Tool trucks

Businesses that need numerous tools to complete their job have need a truck that can hold all of their tools and also allow them enough space to get in and our of the truck. Although a regular van may appear to be enough room, it can begin to get cramped quickly. Smashing your tools and equipment together can cause items to break during transportation. Step vans are a great option for tool trucks to ensure the employees are efficiently getting work done.

2. Package delivery

The rise of online retail leads to the increase rate of package delivery. Step vans allow the delivery driver to have an organized cargo space that they can stand up in, making the delivery process quicker and more efficient. Delivery companies are about to be in their peak-season, it is crucial these companies have enough step vans for their routes. Delivery trucks go long distances and make frequent stops, which step vans are great for. The roll-up door creates easy access to the packages for the driver and allows to delivery items faster.

3. Health and Human Services

Everyone is looking for ways to get cheaper and easier access to health care services. The step van is an easy vehicle to convert into a mobile business, which makes them perfect for a mobile clinic. Because the step van has headroom and wheels, it makes it easier to get health care service out to the community for things like eye exams and mammograms.Ā 

4. Food Trucks

Food trucks are incredibly popular and they are everywhere. Commonly 18-22ft. step vans are manufactured as food truck spec or they are converted from ISP-Ready trucks to a food truck. A food truck spec step van will have swing doors instead of roll-up and any other conversions the buyer may want. At MAG Trucks we have food truck spec trucks in our inventory and we can also convert any truck to be food truck spec for your needs.

If you are looking to buy a step van make sure you take into consideration that peak-season for package delivery companies is around the corner. Step vans that are refurbished or new ones could be more difficult to find or a take longer to get refurbished and ready for you. Call one of our sales representatives to talk about the step vans you need.