Are You Ready for Peak-Season?

Are You Ready for Peak-Season?

Peak-season is just around the corner! Are you ready? Many say peak-season starts around Black Friday and continues through the holiday season. If you are an independent service provider (ISP) you may have already started preparing for peak-season. Are you unsure of what you need to do? MAG Trucks is here to help you make the most of your peak-season.

You may have already started purchasing routes for the season, and every extra route you purchase is going to need extra step vans. If you wait until mid-October to purchase more trucks for your fleet you may run into some issues through the season. Here is why:

  • Currently it will take a few weeks to get your refurbished trucks from MAG Trucks. We have already had several fleets purchase trucks for peak-season. Other companies may be able to get you used step vans quicker--- but they may break down or not be up to par for the season. Our trucks take some time because they go through our 140-point inspection and come out of our shop ISP-ready and DOT certified. Others may sell you a used truck as is or do minimal refurbishments on the truck. If the company you purchase you trucks from doesn't DOT certify the step van before you buy it you will also need to take the time and money to do that yourself. You want to make sure your truck will not cause you any issues during the busy season for deliveries!

You will also want to consider purchasing a couple extra step vans. Although you may think buying extra step vans for the peak-season is unnecessary, you will wish you had back-ups if anything happens. If a truck breaks down during the middle of peak-season and you don't have any spare trucks for your fleet, you will most likely have to purchase a replacement for the truck. The replacement could cost more than usual if nothing you need is available at the time you need the replacement. If you want to get your truck repaired you won't have a specific truck for that route, which could cause several other issues in your fleet. Buying your trucks earlier for peak-season will allow you to find the best deals and insure the step van is the one you need.

Peak-season is the busiest time for most delivery companies. Online purchasing is only becoming more popular; which mean peak-season will only get more hectic. Make sure you are prepared to avoid any preventable issues and if you have any questions call one of our sales representatives!