Process of Purchasing a Step Van

Process of Purchasing a Step Van

Many ISP contractors are small business owners, which equates to long hours and a very limited staff. The MAG team has worked with hundreds of ISP contractors across the United States. The main reason that customers continue to work with MAG is because they are focused on simplifying the process of purchasing a step van. MAG Trucks makes truck buying easy again. It’s that simple.

When purchasing a step van, ISP contractors typically approach MAG Trucks with the following areas of criteria:

Two ways to streamline the Process of Purchasing a Step Van is to:

  1. Include the step van inventory on the dealer's website, allowing an easy comparison across the board for all truck
  2. Determine that the company meets all ISP contractor requirements

If your business is anything like the previous ISP contractors that MAG Trucks has worked with, your time is sacred. We want to respect your time, so we have developed an online inventory mechanism that allows you to search for specific criteria or view the full truck inventory. Many other step van dealers require you to call into their office before divulging the pricing.

MAG is confident in our competitive pricing, unmatched warranty, and superior upfitting process, and we welcome you to view all pricing on the website, MAG Trucks customers appreciate the transparency and straight-forward nature of our business model. By publishing the new and used inventory, ISP contractors are able to compare trucks from our website, and save time by familiarizing yourself with the inventory prior to a conversation with the sales team.

From the inception of MAG Trucks, owner Brad Carlson, has always focused on three pillars of business – providing exceptional customer service, an unmatched warranty, and competitive pricing.  Mr. Carlson began this business within the walls of his dorm room at a Missouri University. He and his business partner began refurbishing step vans for the ISP contractors, and saw the need many of their customers had for a company that provided exceptional service.

The two college students seized the opportunity and continued to grow the business. Over 15 years later, MAG Trucks continues to provide hundreds of upfitted step vans to ISP contractors across the country each year.

Process of Purchasing a Step VanProcess of Purchasing a Step Van