Making a Checklist for New and Used Step Vans

Making a Checklist for New and Used Step Vans

The process for purchasing a step van can be daunting. MAG Trucks makes it easy, providing the tools, resources and consultation needed to streamline the decision-making process.

Many ISP contractors have found that making a checklist evaluating new and used step vans can save them time, frustration, and ultimately money. Time truly is money, so we want to help you with some of the most-common questions as you begin the buying process. Below are four questions that can be helpful as you begin making a checklist of must-haves:

  1. What is your price point?
  2. Is finance imperative?
  3. What size of step van do you need to meet your needs?
  4. What is the urgency of delivery?

Let’s explore each question in greater depth.

What is your price point?
Pricing for new and used step vans differs greatly. New step vans range in price from $50,000 - $80,000, depending on the brand, length, and options. Used step vans range in price from $20,000 to $45,000 and tend to be a more cost-conscious option. So the price range for used trucks is significantly lower, but there are many factors that affect the bottom line, including the truck length, mileage, year and model. However, it's imperative to understand that used step vans carry a maintenance history and do not have the full warranty that a new step van includes, which often provides peace of mind to the customer. MAG Trucks has upfitted new and used step vans to ISP contractors for over a decade, and our expert consultants can help you evaluate your options based on your anticipated budget.

Is finance imperative?
Will you need financing? Are you pre-approved? Do you already have a financial institution in mind, or will you use one of our recommendations? Another factor to consider when looking at new and used step van options is that financing for new step vans tends to carry lower finance rates and a longer finance term. If you are interested in one of the lenders we have worked with, you can simply complete a quick online credit application.

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What size of step van do you need to meet your needs?
When deciding on the step van, it’s important to understand your business needs. A step van has different upfitting requirements based on the customer, from food truck builders to linen companies and ISP contractors. If you are an ISP contractor, MAG Trucks modifies used step vans to meet ISP standards. When each used truck leaves the manufacturing floor, the upfitting process includes custom compliant paint, bulkhead with a lockable sliding door, shelving, and a new backup camera. While providing over 1,000+ used trucks to ISP contractors over the past ten years, MAG Trucks has developed a standard operating procedure to ensure each truck meets the highest quality standards.

What is the urgency of delivery?
When most companies begin the search for a step van, it's because they need a step van ASAP. Many of the ISP contractors that we’ve partnered with over the past decade continue to purchase from MAG Trucks because of our fleet of ready-to-go step vans on our lot! MAG’s Kansas City-based upfitting facility has 50+ used step vans, both diesel and gas, on the lot and ready to hit the road. During peak season, we have more step vans available on our lot to meet the urgent need of our customers. MAG Trucks has an exceptional delivery team capable of delivering new and used step vans to your location nationwide within 7-14 days.

If your business is anything like other ISP contractors with whom MAG Trucks has worked, time is sacred. We want to respect your time, so we have developed an online inventory mechanism that allows you to search for specific criteria or view the full truck inventory. MAG Trucks' customers appreciate the transparency and straight-forward nature of our business model. By publishing the new and used inventory, ISP contractors are able to compare trucks from our website and save time by familiarizing themselves with the inventory prior to a conversation with the sales team.

As you compare new and used step vans, it may be helpful to construct a list of the most important factors when delving into the purchasing phase. Is price ranked #1? Does the delivery time affect the decision? Is maintenance hub proximity critical? Let us help you and provide you with the best options that meet your criteria. Simply give us a call (800.888.4614) or fill out this brief contact us form and we'll follow-up within the same business day.