What’s in an ISP Contractor Truck Warranty?

What’s in an ISP Contractor Truck Warranty?

As you begin the search for reliable, used, ISP-approved step vans, there are many factors included in the purchasing decision. One factor that seems to be overlooked, but is extremely important, is the warranty.

Not all step van dealers provide an apples-to-apples warranty. It's imperative as an informed business owner and ISP contractor that you understand and review the warranty prior to the purchase. Ask questions! If the dealer is reluctant to show you their warranty, that should be a good sign that you don't want to continue the conversation with that company.

Buying a used step van shouldn't be viewed as a gamble on what type of step van you'll get. Every step van upfitter should have a process in place that channels each unit through a quality control assessment, bringing them up to the proper ISP standards. Let's look at how MAG Trucks begins the process of quality control and finding the right step vans to invest in upfitting.

The used step van process at MAG begins with a procurement evaluation. MAG buys fleets of used step vans from verified off-lease programs. The uses of the trucks in their previous lifetimes range from linen and medical delivery trucks to beverage trucks. With MAG's vast knowledge and extensive experience in the used ISP contractor truck industry, they know exactly what to look for during the purchasing process. MAG is able to get the trucks in large quantities, driving our cost down and consequently able to pass those savings on to ISP contractors.

After the units are purchased, every step van goes through the same mechanical inspection process when MAG Trucks modifies used step vans for ISP contractors. The process is standard operating procedure and as follows:

  • All used step vans will be checked in by one of our trained and licensed production team members.
  • All step vans have a road drive test performed.
  • All step vans undergo a 120-pt mechanical inspection by our full-time onsite mechanic.
  • All units are plugged into the computer for diagnosis.
  • Based on the issues that arise, the step vans are not only repaired back mechanically to DOT standards, but also upfitted to meet ISP regulations and standards.

Let's watch this video that shows the refurbishment process to get a better understanding! 

The MAG Trucks warranty encompasses 8 major components, including the engine, transmission, drive axle, water pump, turbo/supercharge, seals and gaskets, fuel tank, and radiator. Let's take a closer look at What's in an ISP Contractor Truck Warranty specific to MAG Trucks...

1. Engine

MAG covers all internally lubricated parts of an engine in our 6-month, 6,000 mile warranty.  Internally lubricated parts include: pistons, piston rings, piston pins, crankshaft and main bearings, connecting rods and bearings, camshaft and bearings, timing chain or belt, timing gears, intake and exhaust valves, valve springs, valve guides, oil pump, push rods, rocker arms, rocker arm shafts, hydraulic and solid lifters. The engine block and heads are also covered if the damage is caused by a failure of any of the above-covered components.

2. Transmission

Internal transmission parts include a torque converter, vacuum modulator, and mounts. The transmission housing is also covered if the damage is caused by a failure of any of the above-covered items. If applicable, this warranty does not include clutch assembly, pressure plate, flywheel, throw out bearing, worn synchronizers, cables or electrical items. All internal parts of the transmission are covered under a MAG Trucks warranty.

3. Drive Axle

The drive axle is split into two parts which connect to the wheel and allows your truck to move freely.  Axles also allow the wheels to turn when driving creating a smooth ride. All internally lubricated parts covered by our warranty are contained within the housings and include the axle shafts, differential housing, transaxle housing and final drive housing.

4. Water Pump

Water pumps allow the coolant to flow through the engine straight to the radiator.  Impeller shafts, bearings, bushings, and housing are all under MAG’s warranty.

5. Turbo/Supercharger

A turbocharger works to fuel the trucks and increase its efficiency.  It is under the hood of the truck, compressing air to the combustion chamber. All internal parts of a turbocharger such as vanes, shafts, and bearings are covered by our warranty.  The Turbo/Supercharger housing is also covered if the damage is caused by a failure of any covered component.

6. Seals and Gaskets

Seals and gaskets work to prevent leakage within the vehicle. They work to fill the in-between spaces. These are primary parts of trucks that work tirelessly to keep it in shape. Seals and gaskets are replaced as part of repair or replacement of the above-covered components.

7. Fuel Tank

The fuel tank is designed to hold and disperse fuel throughout the truck. The fuel tank is covered under warranty for leaks to ensure you don’t have any costly fuel leaks no matter where you’re driving.

8. Radiator

The radiator is your engine’s cooling system – which is critical to your continued operation. The radiator is covered for failures due to leaks.

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What's in an ISP Contractor Truck Warranty?




















At MAG Trucks, we supply quality refurbished trucks to our customers. Part of providing quality includes offering a comprehensive warranty program so you feel confident your investment is protected. If you have any specific questions, or would like to chat with one of our experienced sales team members, give us a call - 800.888.4614 or fill out the contact form and we'll get back to you ASAP!