Questions to Ask When Comparing Gas vs. Diesel Step Vans

Questions to Ask When Comparing Gas vs. Diesel Step Vans

Questions to Ask When Comparing Gas vs. Diesel Step Vans

Fleet managers, food truck builders, linen companies, and ISP contractors all have different opinions on whether a diesel or gas step van is the best option for their business model. Let's explore three helpful questions to consider while comparing gas vs. diesel step vans and find out which is the best choice for you.

Question #1: What is your price range? Questions to Ask When Comparing Gas vs. Diesel Step Vans

One of the obvious first questions is the price range budgeted for a step van purchase. Determining your budget may have several factors, including warranty offered, miles driven on the truck per week, gas mileage, and upfitting needs.
Typically gas-fueled step vans are priced less expensively than diesel, however the considerations include the year, model, condition, engine and resale value. As the leading supplier of new and step vans, MAG Trucks offers an inventory that includes both gas and diesel step vans for linen, ISP contractors, food truck builders and delivery businesses. Let’s use an example of a gasoline-fueled Ford chassis that is available on MAG’s lot. This is a less expensive step van option compared with a diesel-fueled step van, which can be attributed to the following:

General step van maintenance is less expensive in gas-fueled step vans than it is in diesel-fueled step vans.
According to, “Over time, regular maintenance on a diesel generally will cost more than a gasoline engine,” Jansen said. “The diesel engine has components that are either not found on a gasoline engine or require servicing more often. The oil reservoir is larger in a diesel engine and the water separator and fuel filters will require replacement more often. Gasoline engines have longer service intervals for engine oil, spark plugs, and engine coolant.”

Let's explore Question #2 of Questions to Ask When Comparing Gas vs. Diesel Step Vans:

What is your timeline for purchase and delivery? 

Knowing and understanding the buying process is important. Many of the ISP contractors that we’ve partnered with over the past decade continue to purchase from MAG Trucks because of our fleet of ready-to-go step vans on our lot - both gas and diesel. During peak season, we have more step vans available on our lot to meet the urgent need of our customers. MAG Trucks has an exceptional delivery team capable of delivering new and used step vans to your location nationwide within 7-14 days. The question then goes back to the customer.... What is the purchase process from your business standpoint? Do you have to receive owner or purchasing approval - how long will that take? Have you secured financing? Do you need specific modifications outside of the standard ISP or linen/delivery scope? 

If your business is anything like other ISP contractors, food truck builders, and linen companies with whom MAG Trucks has worked, time is of the essence. We want to respect your time, so we have developed an online inventory mechanism that allows you to search for specific criteria or view the full truck inventory. MAG Trucks’ customers appreciate the transparency and straight-forward nature of our business model. By publishing the new and used inventory, ISP contractors are able to compare trucks from our website and save time by familiarizing themselves with the inventory prior to a conversation with the sales team.

Question #3: What is your daily expected mileage?

Diesel is one of the most efficient and energy dense fuels, averaging over 20% - 30% better fuel efficiency than a gas engine. MAG knows that each route's daily expected mileage can be a differentiating factor when deciding between gas and diesel, so we are here to provide the best solution for your needs. Does the fuel efficiency of a diesel step van outweigh the additional costs? In order to truly see an advantageous ROI of the additional cost of a diesel step van, you will need routes of longer distances. When your delivery route is 100+ miles/day, the diesel option will reduce your need to refuel, which ultimately increases productivity. For stop and go routes, highly concentrated in a smaller area would be a better fit for gas. Gas is not an optimal solution for fuel efficiency.

As a national step van provider to ISP contractors, food truck builders, linen/delivery drivers, MAG Trucks is here to make the truck buying process easy again. Get back to the basics with our team! Reach out on how we can help you! 800.888.4614 or