Finding the Right Step Van for Your Food Truck Build

Finding the Right Step Van for Your Food Truck Build requires support from an experienced step van dealer to navigate the process and find the perfect truck. From the warranty and transmission to the year and mileage, many food truck manufacturers and DIYers turn to MAG Trucks as the leading step van dealer for food trucks across the country.

Experience & Selection

With over ten years of experience, MAG has sold hundreds of new and used step vans to food truck builders, linen companies, ISP contractors, and delivery drivers. The needs for each vary, but MAG has the selection to accommodate and modify to fit the needs of each. From sales to fabrication, each MAG team member is experienced and leads you through each step of the buying process. Pair experience with MAG's access to the largest inventory of new and used vehicles, and you have the perfecting mix for Finding the Right Step Van for Your Food Truck Build.


Tips for Finding the Right Step Van for Your Food Truck Build

When a food truck builder gets the green light from their customer to begin the build process, the urgency for a step van to be delivered is immediate. Not all step van dealers deliver nationwide, or have the selection on their lot to accommodate the quick turnaround times. MAG Trucks is centrally located just outside of the Kansas City area, but delivers step vans across the nation within 7-14 days. From Kansas City area to either coast, MAG Trucks hires the most dependable delivery drivers to ensure your new or used step van is delivered to you on-time, and without issues. We understand that timelines are involved and the food truck builder needs to receive the step van punctually in order to begin the modifications, graphics, and equipment installation before being delivered to the food truck owner.

Here are some Tips for Finding the Right Step Van for Your Food Truck Build:
    1. Ask for pictures of the specific unit. A step van dealer should offer to send you pictures of the units you're interested in. Some step van dealers like MAG take it a step further and will take an actual video walkthrough. Pictures (and videos) of units are available on MAG's website and YouTube page, which allows the customer to visualize walking through the step van.
    2. Understand what modifications (if any) have been done to the step van. As a food truck builder, this can alter your production schedule, and design and engineering needs.
    3. Does the dealer have a warranty? If so, what is included/excluded? Get a copy of the warranty and become familiar with it.
    4. Was a mechanical inspection performed? If so, ask for a copy of the inspection report. Step van dealers like MAG typically have an in-house mechanical team that performs inspections on every used step van as they arrive at the lot, and before they are released for public purchase.
    5. Finance options. Ask about finance options if you already don't have something set up on your end. Some dealers offer financing options, however many have higher than standard rates. MAG keeps the rates competitive with outside lenders, aimed at making the transition for our customers an all-in-one type of experience. The process is very easy - simply complete the application here.
    6. Delivery timeline. As mentioned before, many food truck manufacturers have tight deadlines, and the delivery of the step van is crucial. The customer should ask who arranges delivery, what is the expected timeline? Cost?

As the reputable and leading go-to for food truck builders when it comes to new and used step vans for food trucks, MAG Trucks offers the selection, customer service, unmatched warranty, and quick turnaround times. The bottom line... MAG aims to make truck buying easy again, so our customers can do what they do best - in this case fabricate food trucks!

Check out MAG’s online inventory today – – and give us a call for more info! 800.888.4614