Top Reasons to Buy Diesel Step Vans

Top Reasons to Buy Diesel Step Vans

Diesel step vans can be the most efficient and cost effective solution for your business. Whether you are an ISP contractor, food truck builder, or linen and delivery company, let's check out the top reasons to buy diesel step vans and ensure you informed and ready to make the best business decision.

Diesel step vans offer many benefits over gas step vans. The three areas that diesel step vans provide greater benefits to ISP, linen and food truck industries include:

      • Fuel Economy
      • Longevity of the Engine
      • Heavier Payload Capacity

Reason 1 of the Top Reasons to Buy Diesel Step Vans:
Fuel Economy

Diesel step vans aren't always the go-to solution for many business owners because of the reputation that older diesel step vans once carried. They were not the environmentalist's favorite engine with struggling emissions issues.
But fast forward to today and you'll see that new diesel engines offer better fuel economy that must meet the same emission standards as gasoline based step van trucks. Comparing the gas mileage in a gasoline-based step van and a diesel option is significant when comparing a delivery focused industry, such as the ISP contractors or linen/delivery drivers. The gasoline-based step van gets approximately 10-16 MPG, which is much lower than the diesel option. Diesel step van trucks can get roughly 20 MPG. As an ISP contractor, diesel step vans allow your drivers to make more deliveries across a longer period of time without needing to refuel. This results in greater productivity and less downtime in a given day. More time on the roadway results in less time at the pump!


Reason 2 of the Top Reasons to Buy Diesel Step Vans:
Engine Longevity
When searching for the best option for your step van needs, not all step van dealers have the options that MAG Trucks carries. From a variety of gas and diesel; new and used; mileage and years; MAG Trucks has the selection to meet your needs while exceeding expectations.
When comparing a gas or diesel step van, many ISP Contractors are enticed by the initial lower cost of the gasoline step vans. This may be true from an outsider looking in, but top step van dealers like MAG Trucks will reassure you that a gas engine will not last as long as a diesel. This can result in more repair costs, and step van replacement sooner than if you originally paid more for a diesel.
With proper maintenance, a diesel engine will outlast a gas engine by thousands of miles. Diesel engines are built better and because the RPMs are lower, the bearings, pistons and other engine parts will not experience as much wear and tear as their gas engine counterparts. The higher resale value of the diesel step van can be directly related to the longer engine lifetime.

Reason 3 of the Top Reasons to Buy Diesel Step Vans:
Payload Capacity

As a business in the delivery sector, it is important to make the most of each delivery by reducing the cost per stop. Many factors are accounted for when trying to determine the cost per stop, including the gas mileage, time stopped, weather elements, distances between stops, and of course the weight inside of the step van. With any vehicle, and specifically one designed for delivery routes, it is important to know how much weight the vehicle can hold. If a step van is carrying too much weight, the gas usage and efficiency will be affected. This is especially true with gas-based step vans. But, since a diesel based step van truck has better fuel economy, it can also carry a heavy load or more packages. Check out MAG Trucks' diesel step van truck inventory!