National Supplier of ISP Trucks

National Supplier of ISP Trucks

For over a decade, MAG Trucks has served as the national supplier for ISP trucks. MAG grew from servicing the Midwest region, to now expanding as the national go-to for independent service provider contractors across the USA. From the beginning, MAG has been committed to providing transparency, exceptional customer service, and the largest selection available under one roof.  Understanding the meticulous nature of the MAG Trucks business philosophy will help you understand why each and every truck sold by MAG has passed the rigorous 100+ point inspection.  Where did MAG begin? Here is a brief understanding of how MAG started and the foundation and principles the company is built upon, becoming the National Supplier of ISP Trucks. 

National Supplier for ISP Trucks

MAG Trucks began during Brad Carlson's sophomore year of college. He and his best friend were 20 years old at the time and needed to find a way to make money to pay for college. The two purchased a few trucks from a leasing company, fixed them up and resold them to Independent contractors, and soon realized there were over 25,000 independent contractors who needed trucks like these but wanted less expensive price points. The two traveled home from college every weeknight and on weekends to build out these trucks to ISP standards. As soon as the business began to pick up, they started hiring the work out to job shops in the Kansas City area, where they saw many signs of dysfunction. The typical job shops who took on MAG's work were small businesses with a single owner and employees who really didn’t care about their workmanship and just needed a pay check. If you can imagine a 20-year-old with a high level of engineering capability, who pays meticulous attention to detail and has massive grit, Brad demanded perfection from the vendors. MAG Trucks sold 50 trucks that first year and continues to exponentially grow each year. We built MAG Trucks on the foundation of simple principles (always do things right, never cut corners, and always reach farther to take care of the customer first).

MAG Trucks offers both new and used step van options for clients, both of which are ISP ready, complete with custom shelving (RELATED: Custom Shelving for ISP Trucks), backup camera, custom white paint, jump seat, mechanical inspection, etc.

National Supplier of ISP Trucks

MAG is recognized as having the Best pricing for new ISP trucks for Freightliner & Ford step vans. In addition, MAG offers finance options to make the truck buying process quick, simple, and an all-in-one package. As with any business purchase, it's important to do your research and determine the best process, customer service experience, and truck for your needs. The credit application is on the MAG website and takes only minutes to complete.
Here are some tips on how to buy ISP Trucks to ensure you are covered.

Tip #1: Visit the dealers’ website. Is all of the inventory listed on the website? Is the site easy to navigate? Does the website offer helpful information?

We can only speak on behalf of MAG Trucks, but we take pride in continually improving our website to ensure the user has a positive, and easy experience navigating within the site. We understand that contractors are business owners, and have a very limited amount of time. We aim to make the truck buying process easy and respectful of ones’ time.

Tip #2: Is an inspection done on used trucks? Not all used ISP trucks are created equal. Many upfitters do not perform the proper inspections to detect issues that can cause downtime and frustrating for the contractors and drivers. At MAG Trucks, we have an onsite inspection team that conducts mechanical inspections and ensures our used trucks are fit for ISP routes.

Tip #3: Is the step van ISP ready? Does the truck have a jump seat? Backup camera? Proper decals? ISP White Paint Job? Approved Shelving? These are critical questions to ask your dealer, so you aren’t stuck at the end of your transaction with additional costs to get your truck up to ISP Delivery Driver standards. MAG Trucks can certainly answer any specific questions to get you ready for your route!

Tip #4: Visit the dealers’ facility. Located in Grain Valley, Missouri, MAG Trucks has an open door policy. We welcome anyone to stop by and tour our 50,000 sq. ft facility and watch our team in action. From a custom paint job and decals, to customizing the shelving components, all of MAG Trucks’ used step van fabrication is completed in-house. Proximity to the Local Delivery Centers– to MAG’s facility is advantageous for all service issues, questions, and concerns.

Tip #5: Understand the warranty and service locations. Do you have to take your ISP Truck back to the dealer for your warranty work? Do you have a limited list of those who can perform the warranty work? What is included? What is excluded in the warranty? MAG is proud of our unmatched warranty. Ask about the difference!

As Kansas City's Source for ISP Trucks, MAG is here to support you. Let us help - give us a call. 800.888.4614