Buy ISP Ready

Buy ISP Ready

ISP Contractors typically find the need step vans to their fleets when they acquire an additional route or when they're updating current inventory; both of which require ISP ready trucks. Let's check some reasons why a contractor would buy ISP ready.

One of the first differentiating factors of step vans is the dealer. Not all dealers are equipped and set up to hand ISP standards. When selecting a step van dealer and up fitter, companies like MAG Trucks have over ten years of experience in supplying independent contractors with their trucks. MAG has upfitted hundreds of trucks for contractors across the country. Guide to Buying a FedEx Truck

Knowing How to Buy ISP Ready

Below are a few insightful questions to review with the dealer when buying an ISP ready truck, including:

  • Will you be financing?
    • Do you already have a lender? Have you been pre-approved?
    • Does the dealer offer finance options? What are their rates compared to other lenders? What is the turnaround time for approval?
    • Companies like MAG Trucks offer an online credit application to make the process smoother, quicker, and easier.
  • Do you have a specific step van model, year, length, etc. in mind? 
    • Are you set on a gas vs. diesel; used or new; low mileage? Preferred dealers like MAG have the largest selection of over 100 new trucks on the ground, ready to be delivered. Both Ford & Freightliner are options. Check out our new inventory here.
    • MAG has the largest selection of used trucks, with over 50 step vans on our lot, ISP ready. The Ford or Freightliners can be delivered to you nationwide within 7-14 days. Check out our used inventory here.
  • Do you have any specific upfitting needs? 
    • Dealers like MAG Trucks offer an in-house ISP certified upfitting process. Our 55,000 square foot manufacturing and upfitting facility can accommodate any of your needs.
  • What are the specifications of the warranty being offered? 
    • A warranty should not be overlooked. With used (or even new) step vans, things happen are require repairs. All warranties are not the same in the ISP dealer world, so it's important to ask questions.
      • Do I have a list of locations I am required to take the truck too? 
      • What is the process of repair - do I submit a receipt to you? 
      • What is the timeframe of the warranty?  3 months, 6 months, etc?
      • What is covered? Excluded? 

When considering new and used options when purchasing an ISP Truck, it may be helpful to research and come up with a list of pros/cons for both. If you're looking for a brief article outlining the differences in new and used step vans, see this related article: Comparing New and Used Step Vans

MAG Trucks really focuses on making the truck buying process easy, quick, and simple giving the contractor more time to focus on their business. If you'd like to continue the conversation or speak to a reputable ISP dealer, give MAG a call. Our team would be happy to answer questions - 800.888.4614 or complete the form.