Tips for Mobile Business Success

Tips for Mobile Business Success

From food trucks and catering to delivery ISP routes and command centers, mobile businesses require the same business planning as brick and mortar operations. The ability to sustain a successful mobile business requires organization, flexibility, a great team and the willingness to put in the work and grind.
Here are some tips for mobile business success as you gain insight into what it takes to bring your vision to life.

Tip #1: Devise a Marketing Plan.
A mobile business marketing plan should not only consist of the current year's goals and vision, but should extend into a 5-yr and 10-yr execution range. This can encompass strategies for growing your marketing and social media lists and accounts to expanding your fleet of trucks and step vans. Regardless, you should have a few ideas in mind of your expansion route and future plans. The marketing plan should hit on the main focus areas - product, audience, social media messaging, people, promotion, and analysis. Product. It may be obvious, but the first step to developing a strong product marketing strategy is making sure you have a strong product, audience, social media messaging, people, promotion, and analysis. Even if you do not have specifics for each element to include in the marketing plan, it's imperative you understand what it consists of.

Tip #2: Buy Reliable Mobile Step Vans and Vehicles. 
Don't skimp on buying a cheap step van or box truck just to save a buck. It could, and probably will, come back to bite you. There are many advantages to buying new step vans for your mobile business, but also great options for used step vans. Check out this article on New vs. Used Step Vans that outlines the pluses and minuses for both new and used step vans, including a look at the warranty, mileage, pricing, financing options, and maintenance history. 

Trusting a reliable dealer for mobile step vans, box trucks, and cargo vans is important. Dealers like MAG Trucks have the selection and customer service to pair you with the right solution for your specific needs. MAG's website lists all of their current inventory so you can review your options. Check out their new and used vehicles here.

Tip #3: Educate Yourself.
Understanding that the mobile business landscape can be much different than a standard brick and mortar store front. From event planning and social media marketing to operating within a step van, becoming familiar and immersing yourself into the mobile business is imperative. There are several great resources out there specifically for mobile food truck operators and owners, including Food Truck Empire, Foodtruckr, and National Food Truck Association. In addition, many mobile businesses are delivery (both ISP and linen), so interviewing and asking around for tips and resources is key.

Tip #4: Hire the Right Personnel.
Again, hiring the cheapest labor could cost you and your business. Period. The wrong staff could be the difference between success and failure. The right personnel is key to operating a mobile business. Whether you are operating a mobile food truck or a linen or ISP delivery truck route, the right team is imperative when you're operating in a mobile and dynamic business environment. The pace is face; the risks for success are high; and the customers are always changing. It's time to find the right team and check out some articles we found that could be helpful for answering some of your questions on this.

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Should you have any additional questions on these Tips for Mobile Business Success, feel free to reach out to the step van dealer experts - MAG Trucks. Fill out a form here or call 800.888.4614.