What Used Means to ISP Contractors

What Used Means to ISP Contractors

ISP Contractors, like many other industries, have options when it comes to purchasing delivery trucks. There are three options when buying step vans - new, used, and ISP refurbished. Let's discuss what used means to ISP contractors, and how that can best one of the most viable solutions.

What Used Means to ISP Contractors

New Step Vans for ISP Contractors

Before we explore benefits of used ISP contractors, let's explore the benefits of New Step Vans. Not all step van dealers carry both new and used trucks, but we can speak on behalf of MAG Trucks, which carries a huge selection of both. New step vans obviously carry a higher price tag than the used options, and range from $50,000 – $80,000, depending on several factors, which we will discuss some advantages and disadvantages below.


  • Full factory warranty – bumper to bumper
  • Reduced down time (brand new vehicle, so essentially nothing should go wrong)
  • No previous vehicle maintenance history
  • Brand new – essentially zero miles
  • Finance term is longer
  • Potentially lower finance rates on new step vans
  • Nationwide delivery from MAG Trucks within 7 - 10 days


  • Cost (but with the higher price tag comes owner peace of mind that the truck is covered under warranty, and should have few issues to begin with)
  • Potential lead time of receiving a new step van
  • If an issue arises, a disadvantage could be dealing with OEM and the certified service department’s lead time
  • If your maintenance hubs for warranty work are not within your immediate area, you may have to travel to reach one.

Refurbished Step Vans for ISP Contractors

For over a decade, MAG Trucks has provided ISP contractors, linen companies, food truck builders and general contractors across the nation with the highest-performing and most-efficient reconditioned step vans. This is primarily because of MAG’s thorough and meticulous process. Let’s explore some of the top benefits of purchasing reconditioned step vans for these specific industries.

Top Benefits of Purchasing Reconditioned Step Vans

Benefit #1: Cost

Obviously a used step van costs less than a new step van. Depending on the make, model, year, and mileage, a used step van can be upfitted to meet the standards of a new truck with very minimal wear and tear. In addition, MAG Trucks offers in-house financing options, and there’s typically a higher rate of approval for used step van financing versus a new step van. The application process at MAG is very easy, and quick … click here to begin the online credit application.

Benefit #2: Experienced ISP Contractor Build-outs

At MAG Trucks, we specialize in transforming used trucks into step vans that are ISP-contractor ready and equipped with many options including approved shelving and a custom paint application.

Each step van goes through the same inspection process when MAG Trucks modifies used step vans. The process is standard and as follows:

  • Once delivered to the Kansas City area MAG facility, all used step vans will be checked in by one of our trained and licensed production team members
  • All step vans undergo a road drive test
  • Units are plugged into the computer for diagnosis
  • Based on the issues that arise, the step vans are not only mechanically repaired back to DOT standards, but also above and beyond to ISP standards
  • Finished, reconditioned step vans are placed on the lot, ready for immediate purchase

All steps in the reconditioning process are done in-house in our 50,000 square-foot facility. Each truck will receive the following:

  • ISP shelving
  • Brand new fire extinguishers and safety triangles
  • New industrial enamel exterior white paint
  • Brand new full color back up camera
  • Jump seating up to industry standards
  • Sliding locking bulkhead
  • Installed decals (optional)
  • An on-site mechanic will bring all units to proper PM levels

Benefit #3: Ready to Drive Off the Lot… or Be Delivered

MAG Trucks has over 40 used route-ready step vans on their lot; reconditioned, and ready to join a fleet. From P500 to P1200, gas or diesel, one of the top benefits of purchasing reconditioned step vans is the convenience of ordering a step van and picking it up after confirmation of the purchase. MAG is one of the select upfitters that will arrange for shipment of the step van to you across the country within 7-10 days. This reduces down-time, especially when peak season hits and you cannot afford to have any of your vehicles out of commission.

MAG Trucks make truck buying simple, efficient, and affordable again. View our inventory to see for yourself.

As you spend some time comparing new and used step vans, make sure you have a list of what you value as the most important factors. Where does price rank in your overall purchasing decision? Is reduction of down time critical? Is maintenance hub proximity critical? What about turnaround time? The MAG Trucks website has all of our new and used step vans available to browse. Give us a call and speak with our team –

Option #3: Used Step Vans 


  • Lower cost
    • A used step van will cost less than a new step van, but there will be some wear and tear on the truck.
  • Better chance of finance approval
    • Used step vans are cheaper than new, which means that the likelihood of you getting a better vehicle loan is greater.


  • Has a Maintenance History
    • When shopping for a used step van look over the maintenance report closely. A used step van with tons of miles may not be the best choice for a mobile business. You don’t want to put tons of money into an extremely old truck and have it break down once you have done all the physical maintenance. Ensure you are purchasing your used step van from a credible and reliable dealer. MAG Trucks DOT certifies all used trucks before selling them to their customers.
  • No Factory Warranty
    • Used step van typically do not come with the manufacturer warranty, but there are third party warranties that can be included or purchased in addition to the step van. MAG Trucks offers a 6 month or 6,000-mile warranty with all used trucks!

As we explore new, refurbished and used step van solutions, it is important to understand everything about the step van you are purchasing before you make the commitment. Make sure to talk to your dealer about all of your questions and what options you have for the truck you need!