Top Reasons Why Step Vans are Perfect for Linen Companies

Top Reasons Why Step Vans are Perfect for Linen Companies

Top Reasons Why Step Vans are Perfect for Linen CompaniesStep vans can be used in many different businesses and applications, however the majority are used within linen, textile and uniform delivery industries. These industries have gained traction for the functionality and modification capabiltities of step vans to fit their business models. In this particular article, we will highlight the top reasons why step vans are perfect for linen companies.

When considering the number of business decisions made on a daily basis, it can be overwhelming. From budgeting to marketing and personnel to buying step vans, there are many factors that go into the day to day business operations. For linen companies, the need for delivery trucks is imperative and essentially is the company's livelihood, so it's important to consider the following:

  • Will you be driving long distances? What is the radius of each route?
  • What are the specific interior upfitting needs? Racks? Shelving?
  • Do you want gas or diesel? 
  • Would you prefer new or used? 
  • Will you be making constant stops?
  • How much input would you like on the upfitting of the truck?
  • Graphics or paint needed? 
  • What type of warranty does the dealer offer?

The above are a few of the questions you should think about before buying a truck, and can ask the experienced MAG team for guidance. MAG's combined experience is very extensive - from sales, engineering and design to the production/fabrication team. One of the main differences between MAG Trucks and other step van dealers is the selection, upfitting capabilities, customer service, nationwide delivery, and unmatched warranty.

Another characteristic that makes step vans so versatile is that the cargo area generally has two points of access: from the rear door as well as from a bulkhead door in the drivers compartment. And getting in and out of the drivers area couldn’t be easier. Full size in-set steps makes for quick and safe passage. Once inside the drivers cab, the operator is able to stand up freely with plenty of room to move around. With a very large windshield and an elevated driver’s seat, step vans provide tremendous visibility. Furthermore, most step van engine compartments afford your service department with ample room to work compared to the cut-away van category.

MAG offers a very large variety of cab options that serve the purpose of increasing driver comfort and efficiency, as well as vehicle safety and capability; guaranteed to increase the level of production. The below information on MAG's extensive warranty provides logistical and obvious Top Reasons Why Step Vans are Perfect for Linen Companies.

Branding, reflective, safety packages
Not all step van dealers provide an apples-to-apples warranty. It’s imperative as an informed business owner and ISP contractor that you understand and review the warranty prior to the purchase. Ask questions! If the dealer is reluctant to show you their warranty, that should be a good sign that you don’t want to continue the conversation with that company.
The MAG Trucks warranty encompasses 8 major components, including the engine, transmission, drive axle, water pump, turbo/supercharge, seals and gaskets, fuel tank, and radiator. Let’s take a closer look at What’s in an ISP Contractor Truck Warranty specific to MAG Trucks…

1. Engine

MAG covers all internally lubricated parts of an engine in our 6-month, 6,000 mile warranty.  Internally lubricated parts include: pistons, piston rings, piston pins, crankshaft and main bearings, connecting rods and bearings, camshaft and bearings, timing chain or belt, timing gears, intake and exhaust valves, valve springs, valve guides, oil pump, push rods, rocker arms, rocker arm shafts, hydraulic and solid lifters. The engine block and heads are also covered if the damage is caused by a failure of any of the above-covered components.

2. Transmission

Internal transmission parts include a torque converter, vacuum modulator, and mounts. The transmission housing is also covered if the damage is caused by a failure of any of the above-covered items. If applicable, this warranty does not include clutch assembly, pressure plate, flywheel, throw out bearing, worn synchronizers, cables or electrical items. All internal parts of the transmission are covered under a MAG Trucks warranty.

3. Drive Axle

The drive axle is split into two parts which connect to the wheel and allows your truck to move freely.  Axles also allow the wheels to turn when driving creating a smooth ride. All internally lubricated parts covered by our warranty are contained within the housings and include the axle shafts, differential housing, transaxle housing and final drive housing.

4. Water Pump

Water pumps allow the coolant to flow through the engine straight to the radiator.  Impeller shafts, bearings, bushings, and housing are all under MAG’s warranty.

5. Turbo/Supercharger

A turbocharger works to fuel the trucks and increase its efficiency.  It is under the hood of the truck, compressing air to the combustion chamber. All internal parts of a turbocharger such as vanes, shafts, and bearings are covered by our warranty.  The Turbo/Supercharger housing is also covered if the damage is caused by a failure of any covered component.

6. Seals and Gaskets

Seals and gaskets work to prevent leakage within the vehicle. They work to fill the in-between spaces. These are primary parts of trucks that work tirelessly to keep it in shape. Seals and gaskets are replaced as part of repair or replacement of the above-covered components.

7. Fuel Tank

The fuel tank is designed to hold and disperse fuel throughout the truck. The fuel tank is covered under warranty for leaks to ensure you don’t have any costly fuel leaks no matter where you’re driving.

8. Radiator

The radiator is your engine’s cooling system – which is critical to your continued operation. The radiator is covered for failures due to leaks.

Download MAG Truck’s Limited Warranty

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