Hiring Tips for Peak Season Delivery Drivers

Hiring Tips for Peak Season Delivery Drivers

Peak season for delivery companies is coming up quickly, so it's the perfect time to highlight some Hiring Tips for Peak Season Delivery Drivers. By now you, as the ISP contractor, should have your fleet ordered and route purchased, or should at least have a plan in place to finalize this. The focus should now be on building up your team with the right players to fill the trucks and take on the new routes. Recruiting can be an aspect of the business that is time consuming, frustrating, and one that is held off until the last minute, so with our Hiring Tips for Peak Season Delivery Drivers, we hope to make the process more seamless. Let's look at some questions to consider when hiring a new driver for your fleet...

  1. What is an 'ideal' employee profile look like for your business? Hiring drivers for a delivery route is different than a retail or desk position, so make sure you have your ideal employee outlined.
  2. How many positions do you need to fill? The number of routes paired with the availability of your potential employees will dictate the number of positions you need to fill.
  3. What makes your business appealing to top candidates? Determine the aspects of your business that would nudge someone to jump onboard and join your team. Is it your culture? Benefits? Flexibility? Pay?

Hiring Tips for Peak Season Delivery Drivers

Here are some pointers on recruitment and finding your ideal employee:

Students - High School Graduates, Vocational, 4-Yr University, 2-Yr Tech....

  • Students are great employees for peak season because they are not interested in long-term employment or benefits. They just want to gain work experience and make as much money as they can before they go back to school. However, for peak season you are looking for a specific profile of college student, so review the below reminders before interviewing begins.
    • Don’t hire a college student that is taking classes during the break. This is too time-consuming for the student and their flexibility greater decreases. 
    • Do hire a college student that is home for the break. These students will most likely not be traveling during the break, and are willing to work as much as he/she can to get out of the parents house!
    • Don’t hire a student that is unwilling to submit for a random drug test. Not willing to take a drug test is a pretty easy red flag.
    • Do hire a student that is studying engineering or logistics if you have that recruiting depth. You can always use them to help make work more efficient and give them experience within their degree. This could be a win-win for both your business and the students real life experience. 
    • How do you find and recruit these college students?
      • Attend a college job fair.
      • Send an email to the dean of the engineering department/tech school asking to post or send around a job listing.
      • Sponsor various club events, in order to advertise your company.
      • Ask your previous peak season employees for referrals. This can be an incentive for previous students to recommend other students.
  • Recently graduated high school students.
    • Recently graduated students are great hires because you can mold them into the perfect employee. However, the molding does take constant supervision and communication, and could take some patience. The same hiring tips for the college student apply to recently graduates. 

Now that you have some ideas for the perfect employee for peak delivery season, let's look at some basics as the employer to keep in mind. 

  • Make sure you are familiar with your state employment laws and have a plan in place to accommodate for the laws, including breaks and overtime pay.
  • Aim for consistent scheduling. Obviously peak season is hard to adjust schedules, but keeping a consistent schedule allows for your employees to maintain a work-life balance because they will know when they have to work and can schedule things around their work schedule. This also will boost productivity as the employees fall into a schedule. 
  • Have a competitive pay schedule. Temporary employees are looking to make money quickly, and will not be interested in working for minimum wage. Even an incentive to increase pay after 2 weeks of on-time attendance could be attractive.
  • Listen to your employees. Even if your employees are hired for a short amount of time, it's important to talk to them and listen to their concerns, and even suggestions. You may hear some great ideas!

Hopefully, these Hiring Tips for Peak Season Delivery Drivers will get you amped up! If you are still in search of adding to your fleet, consider reaching out to MAG Trucks for their vast array of new and used step vans. The refurbished step vans are on the lot, upfitted to meet ISP standards, and ready to be delivered nationwide within 7-10 days. Click here to view the inventory.