Must Haves When Buying Used ISP Trucks

Must Haves When Buying Used ISP Trucks

From ISP paint and crisp graphics to custom shelving and backup cameras, this article will cover a few specific must haves when buying used ISP trucks that you should keep in mind. As the largest supplier of new and used step vans in the United States, MAG Trucks provides hundreds and hundreds of ISP-ready step vans to contractors nationwide, and has done so for over 12 years.


MAG has new and used step vans on the lot, ready to be delivered in 7 - 14 days across the nation. A large selection is imperative for ISP contractors because each one has a different need and budget that is not identical to others. MAG has used step vans, ranging in mileage, age, engine type, etc. to fit the needs of ISP contractors. ISP contractors are running a business and simply may not have the capacity to devote months of time researching step vans. Once contractors buy from us, they see firsthand the difference in customer service, selection, pricing, and services.

Inspection and Mechanics

Consistency is key with MAG, and is one of the key factors that sets us apart from other step van dealers or individual sellers online. Each step van that enters our Kansas City facility receives a 110-point inspection. The process is streamlined and as follows:

  • All step vans will be checked in by one of our trained and licensed production team members upon delivery to our lot.
  • All step vans have a road drive test performed.
  • Each unit is plugged into the computer for diagnosis.
  • Based on the results of the diagnostic testing, each step van is repaired and brought up to standards both mechanically and meeting DOT standards. MAG takes it a step further and brings each until up to ISP standards. We adhere to the Independent Service Provider guidelines and have done so since day 1.

What is ISP?

Another one of the Must Haves When Buying Used ISP Trucks is a step van dealer that is equipped to handle the stringency of ISP guidelines for used ISP trucks. MAG modifies trucks to ISP standards, ensuring the Independent contractors are ready to hit the road without any issues once they purchase the truck. Every truck leaves the manufacturing floor looking like brand new. We stand behind our product.

Every truck that is outfitted in our shop will receive the following:

  • Gets the current paint blasted off and repainted Custom ISP White
  • ISP Shelving
  • Brand new full color back up camera
  • Fire extinguisher
  • Safety triangles
  • Jump seat
  • Sliding locking bulk head
  • Install your decals (optional)

 Financing Options

The 4th one of the Must Haves When Buying Used ISP Trucks is Financing Options. Not many dealers have financing options to assist with the process. It's a much quicker and easier process when you can have an all-in-one solution. Check out MAG's credit application to get started now!

Are you ready to see our inventory of used ISP trucks and new step vans