Buying New ISP Trucks in Kansas City

Buying New ISP Trucks in Kansas City

Buying New ISP Trucks in Kansas City

With over 2.4 million people in the KC metro area, hundreds of FedEx routes line the city delivering packages 365 days/year. Independent Service Providers have found MAG Trucks as their go-to for new step vans for many reasons including exceptional customer service and delivery nationwide within 7-10 days. As one of the largest selections of new Ford step vans, it's important to note that MAG Trucks has an onsite mechanical and production facility that can bring the step vans up to ISP standards. Let's take a look at the new step van selection and explore the differences in each style of step van.

MAG Trucks announces the largest selection of new ISP Trucks nationwide

MAG has the below new Ford step vans available in the following models:

2019 Ford E450 P700 (14-ft)
2019 Ford F59 P900 (16-ft)
2019 Ford F59 P1000 (18-ft)

Let's explore one of the Ford step vans... a 2019 Ford 18-ft Step Van P1000. Some of the features include a 6.8L V10 Triton gasoline engine and automatic transmission, complete with ISP specs:

  • full-size roll-up doors
  • custom shelving for ISP contractors
  • backup camera
  • jump seat
  • full manufacturers warranty
  • safety features, including flares/street triangles and an in-cab fire-extinguisher

Advantages and Disadvantages to Consider When Buying New ISP Trucks in Kansas City

There are many advantages and disadvantages to buying new step vans upfitted for ISP contractors.

New Step Vans


  • Warranty
    • New step vans usually have a solid and extensive warranty. All new trucks at MAG Trucks include the manufacturing warranty or a separate extended warranty.
  • No Maintenance History
    • Nobody has owned your step van before you, so there should be no maintenance issues to fix out of pocket.
  • Extremely Low Mileage
    • New step vans only have the miles from driving it from the original factory.


  • Higher cost
    • A new step van will cost you more than a used step van
  • Lead Times
    • The lead times for new Ford step vans can be lengthy if a dealer doesn't have a relationship with the manufacturer. Dealers like MAG Trucks in Kansas City have the new step vans on the lot that are ready to be delivered in 7 - 10 days.

Are you ready to explore Kansas City's go-to for new step vans? Check out MAG's new truck inventory now!