Ease of Purchasing a Step Van

Many ISP contractors are small business owners, which equates to long hours, a very limited staff, and wearing many hats throughout the day. When determining the best decision for equipment investments, MAG Trucks working with each customer to provide an ease of purchasing a step van. The MAG team has worked with hundreds of ISP contractors across the United States, and the main reason for repeat purchases is that MAG provides solutions and within your budget. It’s that simple.

Ease of Purchasing a Step Van

When purchasing a step van, ISP contractors typically approach MAG Trucks with criteria falling within the below categories:

  • Gas vs. Diesel Trucks
  • Year, Mileage, Condition
  • Price
  • Finance Options
  • Turnaround Time

If your business is anything like the previous ISP contractors MAG Trucks has worked with, your time is sacred. We want to respect your time so we have developed an online inventory mechanism that allows you to search for specific criteria or view the full truck inventory. Many other step van dealers require you to call into their office before divulging the pricing. MAG is confident in our competitive pricing, unmatched warranty, and superior upfitting process, so we welcome you to view all pricing on the website, www.magtrucks.com. MAG Trucks customers appreciate the transparency and straight-forward nature of our business model. By publishing the new and used inventory, ISP contractors are able to compare trucks from our website, and save time by familiarizing yourself with the inventory prior to a conversation with the sales team.

From the inception of MAG Trucks, owner Brad Carlson, has always focused on three pillars of business – providing exceptional customer service, an unmatched warranty, and competitive pricing.  Mr. Carlson began this business within the walls of his dorm room at a Missouri University. He and his business partner began refurbishing step vans for the ISP contractors, and saw the need many of their customers had for a company that provided exceptional service. The two college students seized the opportunity and continued to grow the business. Over 15 years later, MAG Trucks continues to provide hundreds of upfitted step vans to ISP contractors across the country each year.

5 Tips for ISP Ground Contractors

Tip #1: Visit the dealers’ website.
The dealers website should have the available inventory, pricing listed, and pictures. If you have to ask for too many details it becomes too much of a time consuming task. Work smarter, not harder.

Tip #2: Is an inspection completed on every used truck?
Understand the dealers process. Does the dealer have an in-house mechanic that performs the inspections? Are issues corrected before the step van hits the lot? Is a DOT inspection included? Can the buyer see the inspection report when inquiring about the step van.

Tip #3: Is the step van ISP compliant?
Take a moment to clarify with the dealer if the step van has the ISP necessary features, including a jump seat, backup camera, proper decals, white paint, approved shelving? Dealers like MAG Trucks have an in-house fabrication team that completes the ISP features before the step van heads out to the lot.

Tip #4: Visit the dealers’ facility.
Is the seller an individual, dealer, or corporation? If you are able to take the time to visit the dealers facility, you can see first-hand the condition of the truck, test drive the step van, and make any upgrades or modifications you'd like. If you can't make it to the dealers facility, ask for a video walk-through of the step van.

Tip #5: Understand the warranty and service locations.
Not all warranties are created equal. Period. Ask the dealer for a copy of their warranty statement so you can keep that on file and reference when needed. Warranty and service locations can be the largest headache of owning a step van, so it's imperative to understand and demand a fair warranty.

Dealers like MAG Trucks aim to provide an ease of purchasing a step van to make the process smooth and easy. Should you have any questions that you'd like to discuss with an expert, feel free to contact MAG's sales team. 800-888-4614, or check out our inventory: https://www.magtrucks.com.

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