Questions to Ask When Purchasing a Step Van for Food Trucks

Questions to Ask When Purchasing a Step Van for Food Trucks

Step vans are an ideal solution for operating a food truck business. They offer many advantages and are the optimal choice for food truck manufacturers to begin as the base. Some of the advantages include walk-in functionality, new and used options for all price points, all-in-one functionality and more diversity in location than a typical brick and mortar. For over 10 years, MAG Trucks has partnered with food truck manufacturers across the US to provide new and used step vans for their clients. Along the way, MAG has comprised a list of Questions to Ask When Purchasing a Step Van for Food Trucks, which may be helpful for the food truck manufacturer and the client. The most advantageous position for any buyer is to become knowledgeable and comfortable with the food truck buying process, which simply begins with the right step van.

#1 of the Questions to Ask When Purchasing a Step Van for Food Trucks
What customization can the step van dealer do in-house?
As a step van prepares to be sent to the food truck manufacturer, many standard modifications can be done in-house at MAG to help the food truck manufacturer get ahead of schedule. Many times a food truck manufacturer can be months and months out from beginning the build, so MAG can have the standard modifications done so when the builder receives the step van, they're ready to get started! However, not all step van dealers have an in-house production facility that can complete custom modifications. MAG truck not only offers this capability, but also has an in-house engineering and design team that can bring your vision to life.

#2 of the Questions to Ask When Purchasing a Step Van for Food Trucks
Does the dealer offer financing options?
Some dealers like MAG Trucks offers financing options for both new and used step vans.  MAG Trucks even offers an online credit application that can be completed within minutes. This is a great way to get started on the process and again, stay ahead of the schedule.

Questions to Ask When Purchasing a Step Van for Food Trucks

#3 of the Questions to Ask When Purchasing a Step Van for Food Trucks
Do you offer delivery?

MAG Trucks is centrally located just outside of the Kansas City area, but understands that some builders do not always have the flexibility to pick the step van unit up, without experiencing downtime and loss of ROI and productivity. As a result, MAG Trucks offers nationwide delivery, and most recently international delivery. MAG Trucks hires the most dependable delivery drivers to ensure your new or used step van is delivered to the food truck manufacturer on-time, as specified, and without issues. MAG understands the importance of timelines and adheres to those!

#4 of the Questions to Ask When Purchasing a Step Van for Food Trucks
What type of step vans do you carry?

As a fully integrated step van dealership and refurbisher, MAG Trucks stocks a large inventory of new and used vehicles. We have access to hundreds of trucks that vary in mileage, year, models, and price, but are perfect solutions for bringing a custom food truck from vision to fruition. Whether the food truck manufacturer is refurbishing to a grill truck, pizza truck, BBQ truck or even an ice cream dessert truck, MAG Trucks is the most reputable new and used step van supplier.

MAG Trucks has a decade-long relationship with food truck builders from across the United States. By providing the highest level of customer service, selection and warranty satisfaction, MAG has been recognized as the go-to dealer for food truck manufacturers.

Food truck builders obviously need a step van before they can proceed with the customers project. There are several things on their backend that can be done while waiting for the delivery of the step van, but that time is ticking. Let's take this a step further and check out some tips on how to choose the perfect vehicle when Building Out Step Vans for Food Trucks.

  1. Ask the dealer for pictures of specific units. A step van dealer should offer to send you pictures of the units you’re interested in, or have them included on their websites. Some step van dealers like MAG take it a step further and will take an actual video walkthrough. Pictures (and videos) of units are available on MAG’s website and YouTube page, which allows the customer to visualize walking through the step van.
  2. Understand what modifications (if any) have been done to the step van. As a food truck builder, this can alter your production schedule as well as your design and engineering needs. If there are specific modifications you'd like done before receiving the step van, some dealers like MAG have an in-house fabrication team that can complete the fabrication. This may be a helpful service that could save your team some resources, expenses and time if the work could be done before reaching the food truck builders facility.
  3. Does the dealer have a warranty? If so, what is included/excluded? Get a copy of the warranty and become familiar with it. This will be imperative when you present the completed food truck build to the end users (their customer) so it is understood where to take the step van for any repairs.
  4. Was a mechanical inspection performed? If so, ask for a copy of the inspection report. Step van dealers like MAG typically have an in-house mechanical team that performs inspections on every used step van as they arrive at the lot, and before they are released for public purchase.
  5. Finance options. Ask about finance options if you already don’t have something set up on your end. Some dealers offer financing options, however many have higher than standard rates. MAG keeps the rates competitive with outside lenders, aimed at making the transition for our customers an all-in-one type of experience. The process is very easy – simply complete the application here.
  6. Delivery timeline. As mentioned before, many food truck manufacturers have tight deadlines, and the delivery of the step van is crucial. The customer should ask who arranges delivery, what is the expected timeline? Cost?

When food truck builders get the green light from their customers to begin fabrication, the timeline clock begins. The need for a reliable source for the right step vans specifically for food truck build-outs is critical. This is where the leading nationwide step van dealer for food trucks steps in and understands the sense of urgency. To reduce the amount of stress on the food truck builder, MAG Trucks has the largest selection of new and used step vans on our lot, ready to go at any time. MAG Trucks ensures our process is easy, straightforward and quick. Our step vans can be delivered nationwide within 7-14 days. In addition, MAG offers an unmatched warranty with service stations nationwide for convenient service. MAG has over a decade of experience working with food truck builders, so let's learn more about their process!

Know what you're looking for… gas vs. diesel, your customer's price range, year, mileage, engine size, etc. When choosing a step van for a food truck buildout, it’s important to know the specifications of what your customer wants and how your fabrication team will complete the buildout.  For the budget-conscious food truck customers, MAG Trucks has the largest fleet of used step vans on our lot – ready to go. From Freightliners in the early 2000’s to low-mileage 2015 step vans, MAG Trucks updates our inventory daily and has over 50 used/reconditioned trucks ready to be delivered to you nationwide within 7-14 days.

If you’re ready to browse the MAG Trucks inventory, you can check out NEW and USED options. When you’re ready to take the next step, give us a call 800.888.4614


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