Best Way to Save Money on Step Vans

Let's explore ways to budget for a supplemental vehicle

The unforeseen expenses of a step van needing repairs or leasing/renting a step van is something that cannot be budgeted for in an accurate way. However, the purchase of a supplemental step van or truck can be included in a budget, which ultimately reduces the amount of unknown expenses. When purchasing a new or used step van, the pricing is transparent. You know what you'll pay for that vehicle, so it's very cut and dried. The repairs needed on your route truck may not be clear cut, nor is the timeline of repair or loss of service time. You are essentially at the mercy of the repair company.

Growth Opportunities

The purchase of supplemental vehicles allows ISP contractors to be prepared and ready for growth opportunities. The ability to have an ISP certified step van in your fleet makes the business decision to expand or purchase new routes much easier. The expense for the supplemental vehicle is already budgeted for and purchased, so that is one less factor when deciding on expanding your business.

MAG Trucks is an ISP Vendor of new and used step vans. As a trusted name for Independent contractors and commercial vehicle sales, MAG Trucks stocks a large inventory of new and used vehicles, spanning a range of years, mileage, and programs to meet the customer demands. We also offer financial options to get you in a truck quicker than any other vendor! MAG encourages our customers take advantage of saving money on step van purchases. Best Way to Save Money on Step Vans

Below are some frequently asked questions that are relevant to the Section 179 Tax Savings. For more info, click here.

How Much Can I Save on My Taxes in 2019?
It depends on the amount of qualifying equipment and software that you purchase and put into use. See the handy Section 179 Calculator that's fully updated for 2019, and includes any/all increases from any newly enacted PATH Act.

What Sort of Equipment Qualifies in 2019?
Most tangible business equipment qualifies. Click here for qualifying property.

When Do I Have to Do This By?
Section 179 for 2019 expires midnight, 12/31/2019. If you wish to deduct the full price of your equipment from your 2016 taxes and take advantage of the new higher deduction limits, it must be purchased and put into service by then.

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