Looking for Step Vans in 2020

Looking for Step Vans in 2020

Tips on Looking for Step Vans in 2020

It is almost 2020! It's hard to believe we are turning the page to another year; another century; and another business fiscal year. Let's explore some tips for ISP contractors who are Looking for Step Vans in 2020. This can be a challenging and time consuming task, but leave it to the experts at the leading step van dealer - MAG Trucks - to provide some insight into the process and best value.

But first... let's explore the history of a step van.

Looking for Step Vans in 2020

History: The step van term originated from the ease of a delivery man being able to step-up by means of the low van steps built under the doors, while being able to stand up-right inside of the unit. The step van base has become a standard truck type widely used by delivery service providers, courier companies, food truck builders, contractors, and specifically ISP independent contractors. The ability to easily drive around and enter/exit the step van while making deliveries is an appealing feature of the step van. As we enter 2020, the step van is still the go-to solution for ISP contractors, linen and textile companies, and food truck manufacturers.

As a supplier of new and used step vans, we would like to offer some tips on Looking for Step Vans in 2020.

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  1. Budget 
    Obviously step vans range in price. New and used options; gas vs. diesel; mileage, year; and options can affect the price. Utilizing the internet for basic research, price gathering, and specifics can be helpful, but speaking with a sales rep at some of the companies will assist in answering any of your questions, and bring clarity to your needs. MAG Trucks offers service and support 24/7, because we understand that your hours can vary, and the need for a truck can be immediate, so we're responsive and available to assist you.
  2. Financing Options
    Do you have a lender? Have you been pre-approved? This is a step that should be completed prior to selecting your specific truck, just so you know your budget, monthly payments, interest rate, etc. Some step van dealers offer financing options, but the rates are extremely high. MAG has a long-standing partnership with a bank that provides our customers with competitive rates that you will receive if you go directly to the bank. They make the process easy, quick, and clear.

    Get started on MAGs credit application!

  3. Gas vs. Diesel
    When considering the process of buying step vans, it's important to list all factors that affect your decision. What are the advantages and disadvantages to gas vs. diesel? What accounts for the price difference? Be sure you gather a list of questions to ask when comparing gas vs. diesel step vans.
  4. Delivery Timeline
    So, you're in New York and you just purchased a truck in Missouri.... depending on the dealer, the delivery time differs. We can only speak on behalf of MAG Trucks, but both our new and used step vans can be delivered to your location nationwide within 7-14 days, sometimes even sooner! It's important to work with a company that values your time; and aims to reduce your downtime, and keep you on the road.
  5. ISP Trucks
    The majority of MAG's customers are ISP Independent Contractors, and need reliable, quick, and affordable solutions to ensure their new and used step vans meet ISP standards. Not all step van dealers are created equal, and not all put each step van through a stringent DOT mechanical inspection. We can only speak for MAG Trucks, but our DOT Mechanical Inspection Checklist is completed on each and every used step van, and is equipped with an ISP custom white paint along with the proper decals.

As you spend time weighing the advantages and disadvantages of step vans, we hope you find this article, Looking for Step Vans in 2020 resourceful as you progress. MAG Trucks' website is easy to navigate and has all of the new and used step vans available to browse. Give us a call to inquire about a specific truck - 800-888-4614 or complete the online form: https://www.magtrucks.com/contact/