ISP Step Van Custom Shelving

ISP Step Van Custom Shelving

ISP Step Van Custom Shelving

MAG Trucks began upfitting step vans for ISP Trucks over twelve years ago, and continues to have the largest selection of used and used step vans across the country. Let’s take a look at how MAG’s process of upfitting used trucks for ISP contractors differs from other dealers, setting them apart from competitors. Obviously not all step van dealers are created equal in their service, capabilities, and pricing, which is why ISP contractors continue to use MAG for their consistent selection and extensive fabrication capabilities.  Only a very few dealers have the processes in place to modify used step vans for ISP fleets. Let’s take a look at how MAG Trucks does this, and why MAG continues to offer the largest selection.

First, the process begins with the step van. MAG Trucks buys fleets of used step vans from verified off-lease programs. The use of the trucks in their previous lifetime ranges from linen and medical delivery trucks to beverage trucks. With our vast knowledge and extensive experience in the used ISP truck industry, MAG Trucks knows what to look for when purchasing step van fleets. We are able to get the trucks in large quantities, driving our cost down, consequently passing those savings on to our independent contractors.

Second, every unit goes through the same inspection process when MAG Trucks modifies used ISP Trucks. This ensures all step vans have the same inspection process.

ISP Step Van Custom Shelving

The process is standard and as follows:

  • Once delivered to MAG Trucks, all used step vans will be checked in by one of the trained and licensed mechanical team members.
  • All step vans undergo a road drive test.
  • The units are plugged into the computer for diagnosis.
  • Each step van endures a 100-point mechanical system with MAG's in-house mechanic.
  • Based on the issues that arise, the step vans are not only repaired mechanically to DOT standards but also above and beyond to meet ISP standards.

Third and the focus of this article is how MAG Trucks modifies ISP Step Van Custom Shelving.  It’s important to understand the stringency of ISP guidelines for used Independent Contractor trucks. MAG modifies our trucks to the ISP standards, ensuring the Independent Contractors are ready to hit the road without any issues once they purchase the truck. Every truck leaves the manufacturing floor looking like brand new. We stand behind our product – if a used step van needs to be reskinned, we will reskin it. Custom Shelving for FedEx TrucksEach truck that is brought into MAG's shop will receive the following:

  • Gets the current paint blasted off and repainted
  • Installed shelving
  • Brand new full color back up camera
  • Fire extinguisher
  • Safety triangles
  • Jump seat
  • Sliding locking bulkhead
  • Install your decals (optional)

Forth, because contractors have tight schedules, which allows for little to no downtime, MAG offers a nationwide delivery service for your convenience. Our fully insured professional staff of drivers can deliver your step vans within days of production being completed. New Step Vans obviously carry a higher price tag than the used options. New step vans range from $50,000 – $70,000, depending on several factors, which we will discuss below.


  • Full factory warranty – bumper to bumper
  • Reduced downtime (brand new vehicle, so essentially nothing should go wrong)
  • No previous vehicle maintenance history
  • Brand new – essentially zero miles
  • Finance term is longer
  • Potentially lower finance rates on new step vans
  • Nationwide delivery from MAG Trucks


  • Cost (but with the higher price tag comes owner peace of mind that the truck is covered under warranty, and should have few issues, to begin with)
  • Potential lead time of receiving a new step van
  • If an issue arises, a disadvantage could be dealing with OEM and the certified service department’s lead time
  • If your maintenance hubs for warranty work are not within your immediate area, you may have to travel to reach one.

USED STEP VANS – ISP Step Van Custom Shelving

Used Step Vans are most cost-conscious options, as the price range is between $20,000 – $40,000. See the pros and cons listed below. ADVANTAGES:

  • Cost (lower cost upfront)
  • 3rd party warranty options
  • MAG Trucks is a preferred trusted vendor
  • Better chance for finance approval due to the lower principal amount
  • MAG Trucks offers nationwide delivery
  • More variety for maintenance hubs
  • Faster turnaround time, as MAG Trucks has a lot of used truck options
  • View inventory and truck-specific truck information online


  • Unsure of potential vehicle maintenance history
  • Purchase of the step van does not include a factory warranty
  • Niche market, resulting in harder to find used step vans
  • Financing will typically be shorter terms

If the warranty is a concern, we should put you at ease with our warranty. All certified units come with 12 month/100k mile engine only warranties, however, we offer up to 24 month/200k engine/transmission/drive train warranty. As you spend some time comparing new and used step vans, make sure you have a list of what you value as the most important factors. Does price rank? Is reduction of downtime critical? Is maintenance hub proximity critical? Is turnaround time? The MAG Trucks website has all of our new and used step vans available to browse. Give us a call and speak with our team – 800-888-4614.