3 Uses for Step Vans

3 Uses for Step Vans

Step vans are suitable for many industries, but this article will highlight the most relevant and efficient 3 Uses for Step Vans. At MAG Trucks, new and used step vans are stocked on our lot, ready for nationwide delivery. Step vans can be used in a variety of industries, including ISP contractors, delivery services, linen companies, food truck builders, or even construction contractors. These industries all want the same thing. when it comes to their service vehicles... a reliable, mechanically-sound step van that can perform the job. In previous blog posts, different ways MAG can transform step vans to meet various business needs were outlined. Let's look at the top three uses for step vans.

#1 of 3 Uses for Step Vans: Delivery and ISP Contractors3 Uses for Step Vans

Delivery and ISP Contractors utilize step vans for their delivery routes. MAG has an extensive process to refurbish step vans for delivery contractors. The first step is to begin the refurbishment process for the vehicle, specifically for used step vans. MAG Trucks has onsite mechanics that perform a mechanical inspection, computer diagnostic, and road test; all before the truck even begins the reconditioning process. This is done to ensure the truck is suitable for our customers. If any issues were found during that inspection, MAG will address the issues and bring the truck to a mechanically-sound state, while beginning the transformation into an Independent Service Provider truck, food truck spec, or any other custom modifications needed to reach the customers' needs.

#2 of 3 Uses for Step Vans: Food Truck Builders

MAG Trucks has partnered with some of the highest quality food truck builders across the country to provide the perfect walk-in van that will be refurbished to a custom food truck. Companies like APEX Specialty Vehicles and Turtle Transit use MAG Trucks as their source for step vans for food trucks. Let's explore a few Tips for Converting Step Vans into Food Trucks. 

Tip #1: Nationwide Delivery MAG Trucks is centrally located just outside of the Kansas City area but delivers step vans across the nation within 7-14 days. From Kansas City area to either coast or even across the ocean, MAG Trucks hires the most dependable delivery drivers to ensure your new or used step van is delivered to you on-time, as you specified, and without issues. We understand the importance of a food truck builder receiving the truck punctually, as there are modifications, design and engineering, graphics, and equipment installation to take place before being delivered to the food truck owner.

Tip 2: Ask for Details of the Specific Unit Not all dealers have pictures on the vehicles on their website. Why not publish those photos?  MAG Trucks posts pictures and videos of units on our website, which helps the customer visually enter the step van and anticipate the updates needed to bring the unit to food truck standards. Pictures should be easily accessible to the customer, so be sure you ask for each angle and part of the vehicle!

Tip #3: Questions to Ask the Step Van Dealer As the buyer, let's explore some questions to ask the step van dealer to ensure you are well prepared for the purchase. Below is a sample list of questions to ask...

  1. Does the dealer have a warranty? If so, what is included/excluded?
  2. Did the step van undergo a mechanical inspection? Can you get a copy of the report? MAG has an in-house mechanical team that inspects every used step van upon arrival at the MAG lot.
  3. Does the dealer offer financing options? Some dealers offer financing options, and out of those, many have higher than standard rates. MAG keeps the rates competitive with outside lenders, aimed at making the transition for our customers an all-in-one type of experience.
  4. Delivery timeline: Does the customer arrange delivery? Does the dealer? What's the timeline? Tips for Converting Step Vans into Food Trucks
  5. Will the dealer refurbish anything that can be done before the customer receives the truck? MAG has the ability to refurbish the truck to fit your needs - from adding a window, cutout, serving window, awning, etc... MAG can ease the fabrication timeline by getting it done in house and within your timeline.

#3 of 3 Uses for Step Vans: Linen and Uniform Companies 

Linen and textile companies across the country look to MAG Trucks as the go-to provider of the most reliable step vans on the market. One of the differentiators is MAG's understanding of the must-have modifications for linen trucks, ensuring each step van is equipped before hitting the road. A walk-in van is the textile industry truck, and MAGs hundreds of new and used options on the lot are equipped with standard equipment, including custom shelving, backup cameras, comprehensive warranty, and nationwide service. MAG's team focuses on making sure each purchase is quick, easy, and meets all their needs.

#1: Custom Shelving is one of the Must-Have Modifications for Linen Trucks

MAG Trucks has an in-house fabrication team that can accommodate any modification requested by the customer. From a standard shelving package to a locking system or drawers and additional shelving space, MAG has a design and engineering team on hand to make any vision a reality. Linen and textile companies are always trying to find ways to increase productivity and payload capacity, and MAG has experience with hundreds of other linen and uniform companies nationwide to do so.

#2: New and Used Step Van Options

Not all step vans are equipped to meet the needs of all customers. MAG Trucks is unique because our lot is stocked with a large inventory of ready to go new and used linen and uniform step vans. The 100+ trucks on our lot range in price determined by the year, make, mileage, and program specific to the linen customer’s demands. Options on the lot include:

  • New Ford & Freightliners
  • Used Ford & Freightliners
  • Gas and Diesel Options
  • MT45 and MT55
  • Roll-up or Swing Rear Doors
  • Range in Mileage

The process of purchasing a step van can be daunting for someone searching. Even a quick google search of linen step vans can result in thousands and thousands of step vans, so as a consumer it's important to have the knowledge and understanding of what to ask. Some questions can include: What is the warranty? What are my limitations for taking the vehicle for service needs? What are your finance options? Do you perform DOT inspections on-site? Who do I contact after the purchase with questions?  We hope this article was helpful as you review the 3 Uses for Step Vans. If you need a new or used step van, let the team at MAG help you out! 800-888-4614 or fill out the contact form: https://www.magtrucks.com/contact/

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