3 Ways to Freshen Up Your ISP Truck for Spring

3 Ways to Freshen Up Your ISP Truck for Spring

In the world of delivery and ISP contractors, the warmer temperatures not only make the step van drivers a little happier and more vibrant, but the step vans themselves are also ready to decompress from winter. Let's check out 3 Ways to Freshen Up Your ISP Truck for Spring 2020.

3 Ways to Freshen Up Your ISP Truck for Spring

#1 of the 3 Ways to Freshen Up Your ISP Truck for Spring: Deep Clean and general maintenance 

Spring cleaning applies to more than tidying up.... it's a way to freshen up your assets and utilize the change of seasons to perform a deep clean. Here are some items to focus on during your deep clean of your ISP fleets.

  1. Deep Clean
    1. Spend the time to bring your delivery or ISP step van up to snuff by getting a deep clean - inside and out. The winter sludge is likely still lingering on the fleet trucks, so it's best to remove the debris to prevent long term exterior damage (rust, graphic or paint chipping, etc.)
  2. Tire Check
    1. It’s important to care for the focal part that keeps your wheels spinning and business in motion… the truck tires. Many regions of the nation experienced above average amounts of snow and ice, and lower, more frigid temperatures than normal. This mixture can wreck havoc on your truck tires, so it's important to take time to review their condition. According to foodtruckr.com, “you could lose up to 1PSI for every 10 degrees the temperature drops.”  Tires should be properly inflated to ensure the truck equipment and weight is properly distributed. The tires could have adjusted throughout the winter months so be sure to examine them or have your local tire store or mechanic do so.
  3. Fluids
    1. Spring is a great time for fluid replenishment in your step van fleet. After the long and harsh winter, now is a prime time to check the oil, antifreeze and water, and transmission and power steering fluids.
  4. Oil
    1. Make sure your oil is changed regularly. This is especially important during the winter, as cold temperatures can thicken the oil and prevent it from circulating fully throughout the engine. When your engine isn’t lubricated properly, it will have trouble starting in the cold. Ask your mechanic what type of oil you should be using during the winter. If you live in a cold climate, you’ll typically want thinner oil that is less viscous.
  5. Antifreeze and Water Levels
    1. Ask your mechanic to check the antifreeze and water levels in your radiator to make sure they are at the correct ratio to prevent the coolant from freezing. You can buy a small antifreeze tester to check the levels yourself, but you should always have an experienced mechanic recommend the initial ratio rather than trying to determine it yourself.
  6. Transmission & Power Steering Fluid
    1. Finally, have your mechanic check the transmission fluid, power steering fluid, and brake fluid. You don’t want to be out on the road and suffer a breakdown that could have been easily avoided with such a simple fix!

#2 of the 3 Ways to Freshen Up Your ISP Truck for Spring: Paint & Graphics 

Spring can be a great time to freshen up the graphics and paint on your delivery or ISP fleet trucks. Similar to any paint finish, maintaining and caring for vehicle wraps should be part of your vehicle maintenance routine. For a longer-lasting wrap, you should wash your vehicle weekly, however if it is exposed to dirt or pollutants, you may want to wash it as needed throughout the week. Be sure to use a gentle automotive detergent with a sponge or soft cloth while washing the wrap. In addition, rinse the entire vehicle with clear water to get rid of any suds.

A question that is frequently asked is “can I take a wrapped vehicle into an automatic car wash”? The answer is technically yes, although hand washing the graphics is safer. However, depending on the brushes at the automatic car wash, they may cause peeling on the graphics, so that’s something to watch out for.

Another frequently asked question is about pressure washing your vehicle as part of maintaining and caring for vehicle wraps. According to 3M.com, pressure washing may be used under these conditions.

• Ensure the water pressure is kept below 2000 psi (14 MPa)
• Keep water temperature below 180 °F (80 °C)
• Use a spray nozzle with a 40 degree wide angle spray pattern
• Keep the nozzle at least 1 foot (300 mm) away from and perpendicular (at 90 degrees) to the graphic

With any graphics application, maintaining and caring for truck graphics should be part of your routine maintenance process.

#3 of the 3 Ways to Freshen Up Your ISP Truck for Spring: review routes 

Spring is a prime time to review the route efficiencies before the busy season hits again. Take a moment to speak with your drivers and listen to their concerns, suggestions, and questions.

We hope you find this article helpful in finding 3 Ways to Freshen Up Your ISP Truck for Spring. As the temperature begins to warm up, it's a prime time to freshen your existing step vans. If you have any specific step van questions or concerns, feel free to contact the leading new and used step van supplier, MAG Trucks, at 800-888-4614