Surge in Step Vans for Food and Grocery Delivery

Surge in Step Vans for Food and Grocery Delivery

COVID-19 has changed the business landscape in so many different ways. One of the most impacted industries, aside from healthcare of course, is transportation. There has been a significant surge in the purchase, modification and traffic of step vans for food and grocery delivery over the past six weeks across the United States. This is projected to continue increasing as the Stay at Home ordinance and COVID recommendations continue over the next several months.

Step vans have been utilized for food and grocery delivery for decades and decades, however are in high demand as our business landscape has changed during COVID-19.  Step van dealers like MAG Trucks are equipped with fabrication capabilities that can upfit any step van to meet the needs of the business owner. MAG focuses on ensuring the customer constraints have been eliminated. The modifications made in-house by MAG's design and engineering team can include the following:

  • Custom shelving
  • Exterior Graphics and Custom Paint
  • Cameras
  • Security Systems
  • Refrigeration Systems
  • Upgraded Generator
  • Custom Cut-Outs for Windows, Shelving, etc.

According to, Data from DAT shows “spot rates”—that is, the cost to hire a last-minute truck on the open market—have jumped 6.1 percent since late February, and that rates for 63 of the country’s 100 most high volume truck routes have risen. Load-to-truck ratios, industry shorthand for the demand for trucks on the road, sharply rose above 2019 levels in mid-February. “This is not normal for March,” Dorf wrote.

Surge in Step Vans for Food and Grocery Delivery

Continuing with the information from the article on, last week, in response to the crisis, the Department of Transportation suspended some regulations requiring drivers to take off-road breaks while making deliveries. Usually, drivers are only permitted to work 14 hour days, and can spend only 11 of those actually driving. But those “hours of service” regulations no longer apply to drivers transporting full loads of emergency supplies, like medical equipment related to Covid-19, masks and gloves, groceries, fuel, and equipment for building temporary housing or quarantine spaces.

Not all grocery delivery step vans are equipped to meet the needs of all customers. MAG Trucks is unique because our lot is stocked with a large inventory of ready to go new and used linen and uniform step vans. The 100+ trucks on our lot range in price determined by the year, make, mileage, and program specific to the linen customer’s demands. Options on the lot include:

  • New Ford & Freightliners
  • Used Ford & Freightliners
  • Gas and Diesel Options
  • MT45 and MT55
  • Roll-up or Swing Rear Doors
  • Range in Mileage

The process for purchasing a step van can be daunting for someone searching. Even a quick google search of linen step vans can result in thousands and thousands of step vans, so as a consumer it's important to have the knowledge and understanding of what to ask. Some questions can include: What is the warranty? What are my limitations for taking the vehicle for service needs? What are your finance options? Do you perform DOT inspections on site? Who do I contact after the purchase with questions?  We hope this article was helpful as you review the 3 Uses for Step Vans. If you need a new or used step van, let the team at MAG help you out! 800-888-4614 or fill out the contact form.

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