When Adding Supplemental Vehicles Makes Sense

When Adding Supplemental Vehicles Makes Sense

The COVID pandemic has directly impacted the "peak" season of ISP contractors. Online shopping for necessities has skyrocketed, resulting in more delivery trucks on the roadway. ISP contractors typically have a lean and efficient operating fleet of step vans. Supplemental vehicles are usually purchased when a dire situation arises, which makes the selection, availability, and delivery much harder. Let's explore some tips on knowing When Adding Supplemental Vehicles Makes Sense.

When Adding Supplemental Vehicles Makes SenseAs an ISP contractor, one of the worst situations that can occur is having a delivery step van break down mid-route or have a repair that requires thousands and thousands of dollars to complete. This causes so many stresses and inconveniences - from late deliveries, coordinating a rental step van or truck, an additional rental or lease fees, repair fees, etc, that could be prevented. A solution that many MAG Trucks customers across the country have found advantageous for their business success is adding supplemental vehicles to their ISP fleets. Let's explore this in further detail.

The cost of rental or lease step vans and trucks can add up extremely quickly. Leasing or rental fees can be over $1,000/month! Also, lease or rental vehicles may not be ready or available when you need them. When you are placed in a situation of dire need and the cost is unexpected, things can become very costly very quickly. Adding supplemental vehicles to your budget can reduce your overall spend significantly. Let's explore some advantages of supplemental vehicles.

  • Section 179
    ISP Contractors are able to take advantage of the new Section 179 tax deduction. Section 179 is a substantial deduction that allows businesses to deduct the full cost of qualifying equipment. These huge tax savings can make a difference to your bottom line at the end of the year! For more information, visit Section179.orgMore on Section 179: Section 179 of the IRS tax code allows businesses to deduct the full purchase price of qualifying equipment and/or software purchased or financed during the tax year. That means that if you buy (or lease) a piece of qualifying equipment, you can deduct the FULL PURCHASE PRICE from your gross income. It’s an incentive created by the U.S. government to encourage businesses to buy equipment and invest in themselves. Businesses have used Section 179 to purchase needed equipment right now, instead of waiting.
  • Budgeting
    The unforeseen expenses of a step van needing repairs are something that cannot be budgeted for. However, the purchase of a supplemental step van or truck can be included in a budget, which ultimately reduces the number of unknown expenses. When purchasing a new or used step van, the pricing is transparent. You know what you'll pay for that vehicle, so it's very cut and dried. The repairs needed on your route truck may not be clear cut, nor is the timeline of repair or loss of service time. You are essentially at the mercy of the repair company.
  • Growth Opportunities
    The purchase of supplemental vehicles allows ISP contractors to be prepared and ready for growth opportunities. The ability to have an ISP certified step van in your fleet makes the business decision to expand or purchase new routes much easier. The expense for the supplemental vehicle is already budgeted for and purchased, so that is one less factor when deciding on expanding your business.
  • New and Used Supplemental Vehicles
    MAG Trucks has over 40 new and used route-ready step vans on their lot at all times. From P500 to P1200, gas or diesel, one of the top benefits of purchasing step vans from MAG is the convenience of ordering a step van and having it delivered or picked up within 7-10 days. MAG is one of the select refurbishing companies that will arrange for shipment of the step van to you across the country. This reduces downtime, especially when peak season hits and you cannot afford to have any of your vehicles out of commission.

We stock a large inventory of ready to go, new and used step vans for ISP Contractors on our lot. We have new and used ISP Contractor trucks, Linen/Uniform trucks, and Food/Catering trucks. MAG Trucks has hundreds of step vans ready to be delivered to you within 7-14 days. Our inventory is comprised of a range of years, makes, mileage, and programs to meet our customer demands. All our trucks are covered under a warranty program. Call us today to speak with a sales representative! (800) 888-4614



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