Step Van Evolution

Step Van Evolution

The evolution of the step van expands across decades. Today step vans can be modified to fit the needs of many industries include delivery, grocers, linen/textile companies, and uniform companies. Let's check out the step van evolution and explore the purpose behind the functionality of each type, style, and accessories a step van can accommodate.

If you look at The Evolution of the Van image below (taken from, you will see the step van originated as a variation of the camper van in the 1970s. The step van was the first van to offer increased storage in an organized manner. The ease of the driver entering in and out of the step van is imperative for the industries listed above.

The original step van has transformed by adding in many different accessories to your delivery trucks to offer more functionality and configurability. MAG Trucks offers a facility that can accommodate the many accessories to make each delivery/linen/grocery truck operate on the most efficient manner. Adding the accessories to your step van may appear unnecessary at first, but in the long-run it can help your entire company become more efficient. Let's look at the accessories the can be beneficial for many step vans.

Step Van EvolutionShelving

Shelving can be customized to meet  ISP contractor standards. Installing shelves in your truck to organize packages, tools, and other items eliminates stacking your items on the floor of your truck. Step van dealers like MAG Trucks have in-house fabrication teams that can install ISP approved shelving on new and refurbished step vans. The inventory on the MAG Trucks lot has many trucks available for immediate purchase, all of which have custom shelving installed and ready to operate efficiently on a fleet.

Air Conditioning and Fans

The temperatures across the country are beginning to warm up, and delivery drivers can get hot while they are on their route. Summer obviously can be the most brutal time in many regions, causing many ISP drivers to work slower and less efficiently. Air conditioning is already installed in many step vans but it will cost you a bit more. If air conditioning is not a priority to you, or your summers are not as brutal as other areas, fans would be a good option. Fans can be installed in the truck that aim towards that driver, which will really keep the driver cool during their delivery route.

Back-up Cameras and Sensors

Step vans do not have a rear-view mirror, and that can make backing up difficult. Installing backup cameras will make it easier on your driver and it will help prevent them backing into something that is behind them. Not only will backup cameras help your driver but adding sensors for backing-up will help too. Sensors will alert the driver if they are too close to something and they will know when to put on the breaks. Having a backup camera and sensors in your delivery trucks can immensely help your drivers and help prevent accidents to your trucks.

Life Gates, Ramps, and Dollies

Often deliveries are heavy and after doing several deliveries it can become exhausting with heavy items. Your driver may slow down on delivery time if they are lifting extremely heavy items throughout the day. Adding a lift gate to the rear of your step van can assist the driver with getting items out of the truck in a more efficient way. Also, adding ramps into your step vans can help the driver get into the truck and get the items in and out of the truck. Along with a lift gate and ramp, ensuring their is a dolly in all of your step vans can be extremely beneficial to the driver. They can get more items to the door quicker and easier. When adding these accessories to your truck it is important to remember that they will help your driver in the long-run and can increase the amount of deliverers that can be done in a day.

Having a great fleet is important, and imperative in this climate. ISP contractors' success depends on an efficient fleet, supplemental vehicles, and the most optimal configurations for each step van within said fleet. If you have any other questions please call us at
800-888-4614 and we will help you.


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