Refurbished Step Vans

Refurbished Step Vans

MAG Trucks is one of the most preferred vendors for used step vans. We have over a decade of extensive experience with ISP contractors. MAG stocks the largest selection of reconditioned step vans in the nation. We have the highest-performing and most-efficient reconditioned step vans because of our meticulous process.


MAG only buys fleets of used step vans from verified programs. We are confident in knowing what to look for when purchasing step van fleets. All the units go through an inspection process when MAG Trucks modifies used trucks. Let’s walk through our standard process:

  • Step vans will be checked in by one of our trained and licensed production team members.
  • All step vans have a road drive test performed.
  • All our units are plugged into the computer for diagnosis.
  • Step vans are not only mechanically repaired back to DOT standards, but also above and beyond to ISP standards.


Each step in the refurbishing process is done in-house in our 50,000 square-foot facility. Every truck will receive the following:

  • ISP shelving
  • Brand new fire extinguishers and safety triangles
  • New industrial enamel exterior white paint
  • Brand new full color back up camera
  • Jump seating up to industry standards
  • Sliding locking bulkhead
  • Installed decals (optional)
  • An on-site mechanic will bring all units to proper PM levels


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