How to make your truck last longer

It's no secret that things last longer when you take care of them. Let’s explore some simple tasks that you can do to make you step van have a longer life.

Fluid upkeep

Changing your oil regularly is the easiest way to keep your truck running properly. Along with this comes replacing the oil filter itself. Out of all the tasks that we will highlight in this article keeping the oil-filled is the most imperative. Other essential fluids to check on regularly include, power steering, brake fluid, and engine coolant. Topping these off often will ensure a smooth ride.


This aspect can be easily overlooked because people tend to think the rotation of the tires is all they should worry about. Rotating them frequently is important, but one should also check that the tires are aired up to the appropriate pressure. Keeping the right amount of air will help fuel efficiency and decrease the chance of getting a flat or causing a blowout. When transporting heavy loads maintaining the balance of the tires will decrease the wear and tear on the suspension of the truck.


The appearance of the truck itself is a reflection of the company overall. Washing the outside often will not only give off a more professional look but help make the paint last longer. Small things like sand and salt can get stuck on trucks which could potentially cause scratches. Keeping the inside clean will provide a stress-free drive and make the interior stay intact. Wiping down the dashboard and any leather will help keep the shine longer. Vacuuming or shampooing the floorboards and seats will decrease staining and ensure they stay soft.

Practicing these tasks consistently will benefit you in the long run. Spending a little every now and then on things like fluids and washes will help avoid the more costly issue. At MAG even our refurbished trucks come off the lot looking brand new. These tips can assist in making you step van looks as good as new for years.

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