At MAG all of the trucks we buy are 100% fleet-maintained to ensure overall quality. To be considered a fleet-maintained truck the vehicle must have followed a strict maintenance schedule. This helps prevent operating issues and keeps the truck on the road longer. Purchasing fleet-maintained vehicles benefit both the dealer, like MAG Trucks and the end buyer. 


Our workers always take their time to make sure every aspect of every truck is in excellent condition before leaving the lot. However, buying used trucks that have been properly maintained will result in fewer updates and repairs in the future, which implies a faster turnaround time. Especially in today’s world a quick turnaround time is critical for delivery drivers because they need more trucks yesterday! Another advantage that delivery drivers get when purchasing a fleet-maintained truck is the price tag. 


These trucks typically have a lower price tag than brand new trucks, but they are basically brand new-- especially once they leave MAG’s shop. Our trucks range from $40,000-$60,000 and brand-new trucks cost anywhere from $80,000 and up. A lower price tag does typically come with high mileage, but with the trucks being fully transformed more miles should not be a concern. 


MAG only purchases the best-used trucks in order to create the highest quality refurbished step vans for our customers. If you are ready to add to your fleet fill out the contact form here and our team will give you a call. 

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