Step Vans Transformation

Step Vans Transformation

We all know by now that step vans are used in numerous industries like parcel delivery, linen services, bread companies, and moving businesses. While these trades all sound different, they all focus on the same end goal--transportation of products. These trucks are clearly versatile so what else could they be used for?

With high ceilings and elongated bodies step vans have a lot of space behind the cabs -- space that could be filled with ice cream machines! These trucks make for fantastic blank templets to create kitchens with the maximized workspace. Since the bodies sit lower to the ground, serving windows is at the ideal height for your potential customers!

Recently our sister company, APEX Specialty Vehicles, took a 14-foot step van and transformed it into a beautiful ice cream truck. Where the shelving would typically be installed for an ISP step van, sprinkle and ice cream topping dispensers were installed! The outfitted truck is also equipped with buffet-style countertops to offer plenty of elbow room for workers and lower storage space for equipment that will be needed on the job.

Step vans are built to haul medium to heavy-duty loads which will ensure that they will be able to handle the weight of kitchen appliances. However, it is important that you are mindful of the weight restriction each different truck length has. When customers decide to expand their business to a mobile unit our sister company transforms the inside of the step van into their dream build.

If you are interested in transforming a step van into an ice cream business give our sister company APEX a call! 800-259-4804. However, if you are just looking for the shell to built-in yourself MAG can help! Contact us at 816-463-2087.

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