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5 Tips for Getting Started as an Independent Contractor

Are you ready to thrive as a business owner, and have the drive for the fast-paced ISP delivery industry? If so, you will find this article on 5 Tips for Getting Started as an Independent Contractor helpful as you navigate the stages of establishing your business, and gearing up for success.

5 Tips for Getting Started as an Independent Contractor 

Tip #1: Understand the expectations of an ISP Contractor. What are you responsible for – financially, logistically, employee-related, benefits, etc? Create a business plan to assist with bringing clarity to starting your ISP contractor business.

Tip #2: Form a Corporation. Delivery companies only partner with businesses who are legally registered as corporations in their respective states of operation. For addition information on this, you can visit your state’s website and search for “Article of Corporation.” 

Tip #3: Research and Find ISP Route Opportunities.  One of the best websites that offers information on routes for sale is the Contracting Opportunities site. There are several other sites that offer routes for sale, and can be found through a quick google search. However, be sure you perform the research needed to ensure the sites are reputable. Another great way to find out about new routes is word of mouth from other contractors, the main terminal and your local small business agency.
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Tip #4: Secure funding.  As any business is established, the initial upfront costs of starting a business can be daunting. Be sure you have a finance company/lender/bank lined up and ready to work with you. MAG Trucks cannot speak on behalf of other ISP Truck dealers, but MAG offers finance options competitive with other lenders, and will get the process done in-house quickly. You are able to jump start the approval by completing a credit application on the MAG website.
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Tip #5: Purchase ISP Built Step Vans. Not all step vans are created equal. Not all dealers provide the same customer service, warranty, or pricing. MAG Trucks offers over 100 new ISP Trucks and over 50 used Trucks on our lot, ready to be delivered within 7-14 days. Our process is intended to be simple, quick, and straight-forward. RELATED: Article on Guide to Buying an ISP Truck

We hope you found this article on 5 Tips for Getting Started as an Independent Contractor helpful and insightful as you begin developing your business plan, and jump into the world of Independent contracting.