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Founder/CEO Brad Carlson is undoubtedly a serial entrepreneur, magnetic multi-business opportunist, and strategic leader. Brad has successfully started 8 multimillion-dollar businesses with over $325MM in revenue and is considered one of the fiercest organically financed entrepreneurs under 35 years old.

Brad’s journey started in his college dorm room with a best friend. Their first company became the largest supplier of trucks to FedEx and other independent ISP companies in the United States. MAG has transitioned from a typical small business into a professionally managed business. We know our niche sits with providing simple solutions for our small business owners that allow them a variety of truck solutions depending on where the truck sits inside their fleet. MAG offers both New and Pre-Owned trucks however our specialty lies in the Re-Purposing of Fleet Maintained trucks for customers who are not looking to spend the premium on new trucks. MAG has evolved into a true one-stop-shop that allows customers a variety of services that include quick and easy financing and Specialty Upfitting for those customers seeking a twist on making the truck just right for their specific purpose.

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To be classified as the #1 Step Van dealer in North America you must bring more to mix than just an inventory of New Trucks. MAG’s organization was built on a basis of the “Fleet RePurposing Program” that was first put together in 2007. After seeing a gap while listening to the FED EX Ground Independent Contractors, the founders built a business that solely focused on taking well-maintained fleets of Pre-Owned trucks and altering each one to fit another user. Our recipe has not changed in 15 years: Purchase well-maintained fleets at volume discounts, Re-Upfit the trucks to meet the guidelines of a few specific industries.

Our philosophy is simple: Offer fleet owners & managers several options that fit their fleet needs, depending on the truck; Makes, Models, Years, Mileage, Lengths with different price ranges. Many of our clients will start out with purchasing a combination of New & Pre-Owned trucks, depending on where they are being placed in their fleet. Our truck-buying team focuses on quality fleets with the flexibility for our manufacturing staff in order to focus on more body and upfit related alterations vs trucks with major mechanical issues.

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The Repurposing process takes place at our 65,000 SF facility in Kansas City, Missouri. The process was designed to provide our customers an alternative solution to the more expensive New Truck options that might not make sense in every spot in their fleet. With value in mind, we have shaped the process to take fleets that would have normally had little to no secondary user options and modify the trucks to meet the specific needs of our customers. The sales staff have been trained to extract the exact specification needed for the customer’s industry or specific route. Our operations team will then create an internal order that allows our production staff to modify the truck over a 2–3-week period. The truck will go through a sequence of departments, starting with Mechanical, on to fabrication, followed by Prep/Paint. The result, for example, would be a 5-year-old truck with 50,000 miles that meets the FED EX ISP standards. After the truck has been through the manufacturing process, it will be examined under the final quality control step where it must pass a DOT inspection before being released.

The Repurpose process delivers a pre-owned truck that meets your fleet specification needs at a fraction of the cost.