Step Vans Transformation

We all know by now that step vans are used in numerous industries like parcel delivery, linen services, bread companies, and moving businesses. While these trades all sound different, they all focus on the same end goal--transportation of products. These trucks are clearly versatile so what else could they be used for?

With high ceilings and elongated bodies step vans have a lot of space behind the cabs -- space that could be filled with ice cream machines! These trucks make for fantastic blank templets to create kitchens with the maximized workspace.

What You Should Know About Step Vans

If you have been in the business for a while certain aspects about step vans seem like common knowledge, but if you are new to trucking some things can sound like a foreign language. Let’s go back to the basics and dive into some key differences in delivery trucks.


At MAG all of the trucks we buy are 100% fleet-maintained to ensure overall quality. To be considered a fleet-maintained truck the vehicle must have followed a strict maintenance schedule. This helps prevent operating issues and keeps the truck on the road longer.

Delivery Demand Increase Rapidly

Covid-19 has changed so many aspects of people’s everyday lives, especially how they get their products. Online shopping has been a game-changer for many companies big and small around the world. With new safety procedures in place, companies have found new ways to continue satisfying their customer’s needs while staying safe during these times.

How to make your truck last longer

It's no secret that things last longer when you take care of them. Let’s explore some simple tasks that you can do to make you step van have a longer life.
Fluid upkeep
Changing your oil regularly is the easiest way to keep your truck running properly.

What is a DOT Inspection?

You see our posts about DOT Inspectionsccertification all the time, but if you are new to the industry you might not know what all that entails. The Department of Transportation requires any vehicle that weighs over 10,000 pounds to go through an annual inspection with a certified inspector.

Why Buy Instead of Leasing

Step vans can range in price depending on the condition of the truck. Used step vans range from $20,000- $40,000 and new step vans range anywhere from $50,000- $80,000 . These numbers might be intimidating; however, the cost of leasing/renting a step van surpasses these numbers by far over time.

Why Step Vans are Great for Food trucks

Food trucks are everywhere! Every food truck has something unique about it that catches their customers’ attention, but one thing they all have in common is the platform they are built on—Step Vans. Although step vans are the base for all food trucks, not every food truck has a quality step van to run their business in.