In an ideal world, ISP contractors would have the time to travel to a certified step van dealer around the country and test drive several truck options. The reality of the situation is that when the contractor goes out in search of a replacement or new step van, the need is immediate.

When Adding Supplemental Vehicles Makes Sense

The COVID pandemic has directly impacted the "peak" season of ISP contractors. Online shopping for necessities has skyrocketed, resulting in more delivery trucks on the roadway. ISP contractors typically have a lean and efficient operating fleet of step vans.

4 Tips for ISP Contractors in 2020

Now is an unprecedented time for many industries, and ISP contractors are one of the most impacted industries aside from the healthcare industry. Let's explore 4 Tips for ISP Contractors in 2020 from the leading new and used step van dealer across the United States.

Summer Checklist for Step Vans

As stay-at-home mandates continue to extend, delivery drivers are busier than ever. The drivers are working countless hours, the step vans are working in overdrive, and we are beginning to see temperatures warming up. With the change in temps now presents an optimal time to take extra care of your step van fleets during this pandemonium.

Top 5 Questions to Ask Your Step Van Dealer

Purchasing step vans can be a cumbersome task. Most ISP contractors aren't equipped with expert knowledge of what to consider when purchasing a step van for their fleet. Many ISP contractors begin the search for a new or used step van when they have an immediate need, which can allow for less time to ask questions about the purchase.

MAG Trucks Releases Covid-19 Announcement

To the MAG Trucks Community of Customers, Family, and Friends:

“Fear of the unknown is the greatest fear of all.” – Yvon Chouinard

We all know how uncertain the world is right now, so the team at MAG Trucks wanted to address the unchartered waters and explain how we addressing the situation.

3 Uses for Step Vans

Step vans are suitable for many industries, but this article will highlight the most relevant and efficient 3 Uses for Step Vans. At MAG Trucks, new and used step vans are stocked on our lot, ready for nationwide delivery. Step vans can be used in a variety of industries, including ISP contractors, delivery services, linen companies, food truck builders, or even construction contractors.

Tips for Converting Step Vans into Food Trucks

As the leading new and used step van dealer across the US, MAG Trucks has been providing the most reliable options to food truck builders for over ten years. As a fully integrated step van dealership and upfitter, MAG Trucks stocks a large inventory of new and used vehicles on their lot.

3 Reasons Why Supplemental Vehicles Make Sense

Many ISP contractors have found that adding supplemental vehicles to their current fleet has many advantages including reducing the overall operating expenses (purchase vs. lease payments), increasing efficiency, and allowing for business growth opportunities.

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