Questions to Ask When Comparing Gas vs. Diesel Step Vans

Questions to Ask When Comparing Gas vs. Diesel Step Vans
Fleet managers, food truck builders, linen companies, and ISP contractors all have different opinions on whether a diesel or gas step van is the best option for their business model. Let's explore three helpful questions to consider while comparing gas vs.

Checklist for ISP Contractor Trucks

ISP Contractors juggle many aspects of the business – from human resources and training, to payroll and truck purchasing. With over a decade of direct relationships with ISP Contractors across the nation, MAG Trucks understands that truck buying is not always a priority for the route owners.

Making a Checklist for New and Used Step Vans

The process for purchasing a step van can be daunting. MAG Trucks makes it easy, providing the tools, resources and consultation needed to streamline the decision-making process.

Many ISP contractors have found that making a checklist evaluating new and used step vans can save them time, frustration, and ultimately money.

Top Benefits of Purchasing Reconditioned Step Vans

Not all used step vans are built to the same standards and specifications, so let's take a look at the top benefits of purchasing reconditioned step vans specifically from MAG Trucks.

For over a decade, MAG Trucks has provided ISP contractors, linen companies, food truck builders and general contractors across the nation with the highest-performing and most-efficient reconditioned step vans.

Four Uses for a Step Van

Step Vans are versatile vehicles. They have always been useful in delivery, but the recently have gotten more popular with the popularity of food trucks growing. Step vans have enough room for people to stand, unlike traditional vans, which is great for delivery, tools, food trucks, and any other use you have for it.

Roll-up Doors vs. Swing Doors

Step vans are one of the most versatile vehicles that exist. Step vans can be customized for what you need. You have the choice between gas or diesel, shelving, and roll-up doors or swing doors. In previous blogs we have discussed gas vs. diesel--- if you missed it, click here to read it! Roll-up doors and swing doors are different, and both have pros and cons.

New vs. Used Step Vans

Step vans are extremely versatile vehicles. They can be transformed into mobile restaurants, stores, utility trucks, and much more. Once you decided on developing a mobile business you need to decide if you want a new or used vehicle. There are advantages and disadvantages to both options--- but which is right for you?

New Step Vans


New step vans usually have a great warranty.

Gas, Diesel, or Both?

When expanding your fleet and your business having the correct tools is critical. Your fleet should be diverse, so you can handle various tasks that any of your customers need. When expanding your fleet, you should have diversity in the types of step vans you have--diesel or gas.

Tips for Converting Step Vans into Food Trucks

Here are some insider tips for Converting Step Vans into Food Trucks, from the stance of a leading new and used step van dealer, MAG Trucks. Over the past ten years, MAG Trucks has been providing reliable step vans for food trucks and food truck builders across the nation! As a fully integrated step van dealership and upfitter, MAG Trucks stocks a large inventory of new and used vehicles, with access to hundreds of step vans that vary in mileage, year, models, and price, and are perfect solutions to bringing your custom food truck from vision to fruition.