Great Additions to Delivery Trucks

Making deliveries can be exhausting, but there are many different accessories you can add to your delivery trucks to make them look better and make them more functional. When you purchase your step van you can ask your dealer if they can do the add-ons for you or you can find somewhere else to fix-up your step van.

Roll-up Doors vs. Swing Doors

Step vans are one of the most versatile vehicles that exist. Step vans can be customized for what you need. You have the choice between gas or diesel, shelving, and roll-up doors or swing doors. In previous blogs we have discussed gas vs. diesel--- if you missed it, click here to read it! Roll-up doors and swing doors are different, and both have pros and cons.

New vs. Used Step Vans

Step vans are extremely versatile vehicles. They can be transformed into mobile restaurants, stores, utility trucks, and much more. Once you decided on developing a mobile business you need to decide if you want a new or used vehicle. There are advantages and disadvantages to both options--- but which is right for you?
New Step Vans:


New step vans usually have a great warranty.

3 Reasons to Make Your Business Mobile

If you are looking to start a business, have you considered operating it out of a step van? Here are 3 reasons why you should operate your business out of a step van.


Step vans are one of the most versatile vehicles out there.

Expand Your Fleet With Gas and Diesel Step Vans

Gas, Diesel, or Both?

When expanding your fleet and your business having the correct tools is critical. Your fleet should be diverse, so you can handle various tasks that any of your customers need. When expanding your fleet, you should have diversity in the types of step vans you have--diesel or gas.

Simple Advertising Tips for Fleet Owners

Trying to find affordable ways to advertise for your fleet? Below are three easy tips that will improve your business.

1. Use what you already have 

A mobile business, like fleet owners, should be taking advantage of any surface they can.

Efficient in-house step van financing with MAG

At MAG, we pride ourselves on being a one-stop shop. Throughout the course of our growth, we discovered something was missing – convenient, affordable financing options.
Financing a step van? MAG makes it easy.
Our customers vocalized that the process of obtaining a step van is tedious, which is a direct result of the downtime between buying a truck and receiving the truck.

Trucks for ISP Contractors

MAG Trucks builds trucks for independent service provider contractors.
Not only are we Kansas City's #1 step van dealer for ISP contractors, but we're the nation's #1 step van dealer for ISPs.  In addition, MAG Trucks is the largest supplier of new and refurbished box trucks in the United States.

What’s included in a MAG Warranty?

8 major components are covered under your MAG warranty.
At MAG Trucks, we supply quality new and refurbished trucks to our customers. Part of providing quality includes offering a comprehensive warranty program so you feel confident your investment is protected.

Why a Refurbished Truck is the Right Move

At MAG Trucks, we specialize in transforming plain, worn-down trucks into step vans that are ISP ready. MAG Trucks is well known throughout the industry for our quality truck refurbishment process.
Why is a detailed refurbished truck the right move? It saves you money and never sacrifices quality or compliance standards.